Died suspected of Russia in rehabilitation of Nazism Latvian Legioner SS

Latvian Legioner SS, the former Deputy of the Saeima of Latvia Visvaldis Latsis died on 97-m to year of life. On Sunday, April 19, according to BB.LV.

Lacis was drafted into the Latvian Legion in 1943. As a result of the defeat of the great German Reich it was captured, but was later arrested.

In the postwar years, Latsis studied at the Latvian agricultural Institute, but later began to study English Philology at the University of Latvia. After that, the former footballer went into politics. It was twice elected to the diet from the Union green and peasants.

Latsis participated in the marches in Riga, annually held on March 16 in honor of the day of memory of the Latvian legionaries. Also in 1995 he was awarded the Three star order of the fourth degree.

In 2017, ex-MP reissued the book “the Latvian Legion in the light of truth”. In it, he endorsed the work of the executioners during world war II on the occupied territories of the Byelorussian SSR, in Pskov, Leningrad and Novgorod regions. In this regard, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against him on charges of genocide during the great Patriotic war, as well as on the rehabilitation of Nazism.

the Investigation suspected Lacis in the formation of readers ‘ misconceptions of the Latvian legionaries, which, in the opinion of the author, were not related to crimes, convicted in the Nuremberg trials.

In March, it became known that Russia’s Investigative Committee will examine in detail the list of veterans of the Latvian Legion of the SS from the report of the Fund “Historical memory” and Fund of support and development of Jewish culture, tradition, education and science. The test will take place in the framework of the investigated criminal cases of genocide during the great Patriotic war and the rehabilitation of Nazism a veteran of the Latvian SS Legion by Visvaldis Latsis.

the TFR is already testing more than 50 individuals for involvement in the crimes of the Nazis. Among them — the Latvian SS legionaries.

March 16, were released the names of the 96 veterans of the Latvian SS Legion, living in USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and Latvia.