In the ten offices of the “My documents” from today earned modern diagnostic complexes, where Muscovites will be able independently take a free prediagnostic condition of the body. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

Visitors are offered to determine body composition, to check the level of blood oxygen saturation, to make the analysis of the exhaled air to measure blood pressure and pulse. If the last device captures the rhythm disturbance is a signal to go for further diagnosis to determine the type of atrial fibrillation. All set oborudovanietorg require a minimum amount of time, no appointment is necessary.

This is one of two pilot projects in the framework helps to measure body temperature, blood sugar and blood oxygen, lung capacity of a person and can know his age, height and weight. Such robots are in the flagship offices of the public services of the CENTRAL, southwestern and southern. Based on the findings they make recommendations, e.g., weight loss or quitting Smoking.

According to the diagnostic results of the formed sheet with a detailed analysis of the main parameters of the body. Additionally you can get. In the diagnostic complex information can be directly transmitted to an electronic health record (this will require a policy of obligatory medical insurance), sent by email or printed on paper.

the Main purpose of the changes is to help Muscovites to monitor their health. It is important to identify potential risks and prevent the vulnerability of the body.

In January 2018 in the flagship office of “My documents” CAO opened the first medical office “My health”. Then the same offices appeared in the flagship centres of the West and of the South. There are four sets of surveys: the “Healthy heart, Healthy vessels”, “Healthy lungs” and “Healthy food”.

Each program includes a test for glucose and cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, height and calculation of body mass index. The length of treatment is approximately 15 minutes. Citizens actively use this service. From January 2018, when was opened the first flagship office and launched a project, medical offices asked more than 21 thousand people.