a Resident of the English city of Dover, County of Kent, were able to identify cancer in its five-month-old daughter due to a small detail in a photo. This publication reports The Mirror.

the 26-year-old Shelby Simkins (Simkins Shelby) took a lot of pictures of my little girl Case-rose (Dela-Rose) to document every moment of the first weeks of her life. When the girl was five months, after feeding the woman once again took a picture of it.

Looking at taken with flash photography, Simkins realized that eye girl something is wrong: it reflects white light, not red. In addition, the child suffered from strabismus.

During a trip to the pediatrician Shelby talked about photos of the doctor, and he recommended to consult an eye specialist. As a result, the girl was diagnosed with retinoblastoma — cancer of the retina that affects children under five years of age.

the Tumor was too large, and Shelby and her partner Ryan Denemo (Ryan Denham) had to make a difficult decision about the removal of the left eye of the daughter entirely. The two-hour operation on 30 October 2019 was successful, and the girl inserted a temporary artificial eye. The cancer spread to the right eye of the child.

In February, the Case-rose set cast artificial eye, virtually indistinguishable from the present. It must once a week take out and wash with soap and water, and then reinsert it. The girl does not like this procedure, but she gradually gets used.

Recently, the family Simkins celebrated the first birthday of his daughter. Because of the coronavirus grandparents are unable to personally attend the event, but congratulated his granddaughter on video.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the English County of Norfolk discovered the pictures of the son a sign of a deadly disease and saved his life. The results of the examination, the doctors assumed that the patient has retinoblastoma — a malignant tumor of the retina.