Describes the interests of Russians in isolation

the Russians during the regime of isolation began to read more, to watch concerts, and to train and “interested in what before hardly would have thought”. This is evidenced by the research of search queries conducted by the company “Yandex”.

it is Noted that the number of requests for clarification “from home” grew in the second half of March and began to decline about a week ago. The company attributed this including the fact that more and more people began to go out. Since the introduction of the isolation several times dropped the number of queries associated with daily trips: for example, Russians rarely have to look for diagrams of knots to tie or subway map.

Significantly increased the interest of the inhabitants of the country entertaining online services. In particular, became particularly popular broadcasts of concerts, e-books, computer games. In April began to decline, the need for self-education, however, the number of inquiries about distance learning for a child has continued to grow. Needs have changed and the Russians shopping significantly decreased the number of requests to “buy” or “buy a case” — instead, users buy required for long-term isolation items, such as equipment for cooking and sports equipment. In addition, active citizens looking for how to organize the training process at home.

Separately, the growth of search requests for unemployment benefits: many Russians from-for crisis have lost work. However, fell the job search: as reported in “Yandex”, “apparently, no one believes that now it is possible somewhere to get.” Those who kept working and moved on to udalenku, attended to the organization of space in the home, is described in the study.

were Also recorded growth in the number of unusual requests, such as “virtual bar”, “dog rent”, “learn to juggle” or “dilute the alcohol”. Especially Russians are interested in the answer to the question “when will it all end?”

In recent days in Russia revealed 4268 cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number for the time of the epidemic has exceeded 47 thousand. Most of the infections are accounted for Moscow and the Moscow region. For the entire period recorded 405 deaths, recovered 3446 people.