Described a beneficial effect of candid self on the psyche in isolation

a Candid selfie taken in terms of isolation due to the outbreak of coronavirus, can have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at the University of California, Irvine, reports the New York Post.

Published on social networks this kind of photography, in particular, help the user to get rid of feelings of loneliness. “Today’s hard times is the best moment to work on her self — esteem. Selfies can be visualization, self-love, it’s like you tell yourself “I am beautiful”, “I accept myself the way I am”,” — commented the Director of the psychological clinic Centered Mind Therapy of Saudi Adele (Shaudi Adel).

According to the publication, this method is practiced by popular influencer and models, among them blogger Olivia Jane (Olivia Jade), the Victoria’s Secret model Martha hunt (Martha Hunt) and founder of the eco-friendly brand shoes Olivia Pudelko.

the Latter admitted that he puts candid shots, when he feels especially lonely. “Of course, very pleased to receive compliments in response to these photos. You can spend days walking in pajamas, but a beautiful outfit that you wear for yourself or friends, completely changes the self-image and returns a confidence,” she explained.

Earlier in April, the British model revealed the reporters personal ways to stay sexy in isolation. One of them was 24-year-old Daniel sellers from London. The girl said that usually walks around the house in loose t-shirts and sneakers, but on the weekends, wears evening dress and high heel shoes, imagining what she was going to go out.