in part they can and should be expressed in figures. 685 adopted regional laws. Of these, 119 refers to the basic categories that determine the social and economic policy of the authorities of the Arctic region. Nearly half of legislative acts is in the sphere of state construction and local self-government. Reviewed more than 400 Federal laws, the vast majority – supported. The bodies of state power of the Russian Federation sent 18 cases with argumentation of the necessity to adapt a number of Federal legislative acts.

For five years the County budget has grown almost twice, and this is perhaps the most compelling outcome measure for joint efforts of the Executive and legislative branches of government YANAO in increasing industrial and investment potential, in strengthening and expansion of social security of northerners. Moreover, one should consider that a breakthrough is made in the negative political situation, while reducing the cost of hydrocarbons to world markets.

According to Sergei Amchine, all five years the head of the legislative Assembly, the increase in production volumes, the development of new sectors of economic activity, attracting additional capital in basic industries to a great extent contributed to the law on industrial policy in the region. And the revision of tax incentives, coupled with the return of three-year budget planning helped us to effectively develop projects of strategic development.

among the main achievements of those years – the adoption of a set of laws aimed at social protection of residents, the preservation of their health, traditions and culture, the environment.

– We have been consistent in policies on development and support of the Institute of families, motherhood and childhood. Yamal is one of the first to introduce exemptions from payment of contributions for capital repairs of the housing Fund to people over the age of 70 years. Freed from paying living in dilapidated houses. Took the timely decision to protect the interests of investors affected by the actions of unscrupulous developers, as well as citizens who have reached retirement age, lists the speaker.

He noted with satisfaction that colleagues from the state Duma have supported the initiative to remove legal obstacles in obtaining care fellow, leading a nomadic life. Now the children of tundra dwellers, who are left without parental care, can live with like-minded people, nurtured in familiar, desirable conditions for them. Chairman of the legislative Assembly hoped that it would be approved and the offer on granting to large families the right to grant them leave at a convenient time.

a Memorial presentation of the project “the Days of Yamal” in the Federation Council.

– Our experience guarantee the rights of Northern peoples, preserve their unique culture recommended for dissemination in other regions of the Russian Federation, became the subject of study not only Russian, but international expert community, – emphasizes Sergei Lamkin. The Yamal Peninsula has become a pilot region for testing the Arctic model of health. Practice agile development of educational system in remote areas, villages have received a high estimation of colleagues from the Bundestag.

direction of development of traditional industries and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples of the North is enshrined in the “national program”. A road map for it was not in the offices of the MPs, together with scholars and officials traveled thousands of kilometers, reached the most remote camps and factories. Community involvement in the management of the territories in the decision of questions of local value is extremely important, says Sergey Lamkin and stresses that very often the treatment of the voters embodied in legislative initiatives in the laws. Such, for example, as laws on reindeer husbandry, on aquaculture. For five years, deputies made about 10 thousand cases, almost all considered in positive perspective for applicants.

the Final meeting of the spring session as the previous two, took place in the format of online coronavirus has not yet been possible to gather people’s elected representatives in Parliament.

– In this situation, the more upset the deprivation of face-to-face meetings with voters, talking “eye to eye”. However, they are, of course, is not lost. Streamlined communication resource allowed the deputies and the mode of isolation to lead a full legislative process, to perform tasks set by the head of state. Together with the regional government managed to ensure rapid adoption of the legislative packages for the support of ordinary residents, businessmen, largely reduced their risks and costs in a pandemic – said the speaker.

the Vice-Governor Irina Sokolova on behalf of the head of Yamal Dmitry Artyukhov and personally thanked the MPs for constructive cooperation in the interests of the voters, professionalism and dedication to the Yamal Peninsula. According to her, in difficult for the country period the deputies of the region demonstrated a high level of social responsibility.

it Remains to add that the work of the sixth convocation has not ended – until the election of a new Parliament, members will continue to work with voters in their districts. Well before the start of the campaign there is not much time.