A female motorist in Denver, Colorado plowed her SUV through a crowd of demonstrators protesting the police killing of an unarmed black man in Minnesota. Local activists have tried to identify the woman on social media.

As protesters blocked a street in downtown Denver on Thursday, one motorist lashed out at the activists, some of whom were holding ‘Black Lives Matter’ placards. 

Video footage captured at the scene shows the woman accelerating through the crowd at an intersection, throwing one man onto the hood of her vehicle. When the man falls off the SUV, the driver turns her vehicle in his direction and runs him over with her front wheel.

Downtown denver. Some girl turned around to run this guy over

The woman was pursued by a crowd of protesters as she sped off. Protesters who snapped a photo of the woman at the wheel have been sharing her picture online in an attempt to identify her.

Denver is just one of the American cities bristling over the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a video emerged this week showing an officer choking Floyd to death, riots broke out in Minneapolis, and waves of looting, arson, and destruction have hammered the city for three days now.

The police department in Denver has not commented on Thursday’s incident, and little background is known beyond that shown in the video. In comments underneath the video, some argued that the man jumped on the woman’s vehicle before she accelerated, while others claimed the woman acted out of fear for her safety.

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