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– the Number of sjukehusinnleggingar and intensivpasientar fall, and the situation is better than we had pain to hope, says the prime minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen.

At a press conference in Copenhagen Tuesday told the ho that the Danish government think it is appropriate to gjenopne the country a “bit” more than they had at first trudd.

She is the falling number of innleggingar and intensivpasientar in the country with that danskane has met the “contract” to keep the social distance.

Over the week of easter, the number of persons that is cut by with koronaviruset fall, type DR.

According to the DR, it was Monday admitted 380 persons with koronavirus in Denmark compared with the 388 the day before.

– Therefore, one can no gjenopne parts of health care. At the same time, one can gjenopne schools and kindergartens, says the prime minister.

She opens and that several parts of society and the business sector can get started earlier than announced.

the Government will give priority to open up more jobs and will discuss this with the Parliament after the meeting, ” says Fredriksen.

Warned danskane against lowering shoulders

Fredriksen underlines several gongar that the rules can be cracked down on again about preventing the spread of koronaviruset come out of control.

– We must not forget that there are countries where they might open too quickly and therefore have been forced to tighten again on the initiative, says Fredriksen and follows up:

– I would like to stress that we will have a controlled gjenopning of Denmark. Certain that they will come a backlash, so it’s not so big.

Started work in the week of easter

The Danish government came out with the first plans for gjenopninga of the country 6. april.

the prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen chairman and a long series of restraints would continue for at least a month.

It is these restriksjonane the Danish government now wishes to slacken, “a bit” more. What specific parts of the community they wish to open up is still uncertain.

According to the Ekstrabladet said Fredriksen 6. april that the government would give private companies permission to let employees come back to work.

She should, and have said that they wished to get to gjenopne kindergartens and schools for the lower step.

Sundhedsstyrelsen, Denmark, its chief helsemyndigheit made a video with advice for Danish kindergarten children in connection with gjenopninga.

See the video:

SO THEY SHOULD BEHAVE unto YOU: Sundhedsstyrelsen has made this video about koronaviruset for Danish kindergarten children. You need javascript to see the video.

SO THEY SHOULD BEHAVE unto YOU: Sundhedsstyrelsen has made this video about koronaviruset for Danish kindergarten children.

These rules children must follow:

the Commandment about handvask by framkomst to the nursery, before and after they have been on a leikeplassen, when they have been on the toilet, before and after meal, after that they have cheated and when they have returned home.

Parents not come into the nursery and have to say goodbye outside.

the Children must sit with a good distance when they.

They shall glide most possible out.

Kids don’t get glide with all leikane in the nursery. They playing with must be washed after use.

Children should preferably glide with a few other children, and only children from their own department both in and outside the nursery.

They should hug each other at least possible, and provide each other with the fewest possible “highfives”.

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