A Democrat congressman from Illinois is being dragged over the coals after insinuating that gun owners have small genitals while speaking on a Zoom call with college students.

Rep. Sean Casten (D-Il) argued that anyone who would want to own a gun must be compensating for something, if they’re not part of a well-trained militia. 

“If you are a constitutionalist, unless you’re a member of well-regulated militia, tell me why you need to own a gun, right? Having small genitals is not a sufficient reason to own a gun,” Casten, a known gun control advocate, said.

The politician has pledged support for a plethora of gun control legislation including bills aimed at expanding background checks and banning so-called ‘assault weapons’. He has also endorsed, and been endorsed by, the anti-gun organization Everytown. 

The off-the-cuff Zoom comments have put Casten firmly in the firing line of gun advocates, who took issue with his derogatory remarks. Much of the social media storm was rather lewd, however some still managed to drag the congressman without resorting to quips about genital size. 

Casten is really a coward. Why hide behind a Zoom screen to make spineless comments? Bring your small genitals out in public and spew your ignorant liberal nonsense.

This is a reasonable argument now isn’t it?🙄Democratic Rep Sean Casten Claims Gun Ownership Is Linked To ‘Having Small Genitals’

Several gun-owning women also took exception to the gendered jibe. 

Well I’m female so…..probably.

There’s also been political blowback as Republican Jeanne Ives, Casten’s rival in Illinois, accused him of taking “a radical position” despite allegedly running on a more moderate platform which appealed to “decent professional people.”

Ives added that he described his political opponents using the “most offensive, degrading terminology that he can possibly think of,” as he “ridicules law-abiding firearms owners as just ‘guys with small genitals.’” 

Her campaign further described Casten as “an extremist” who “wants to abolish freedoms and make the government your keeper.” 

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