Next to James Bond’s Aston Martin, the most famous film car is the DeLorean DMC. Now it is being launched again – as an electric sports car. FOCUS Online shows the first images of the gullwing Stromers.

The covers have fallen: For the first time, DeLorean has shown its new sports car, the “Alpha5”. The low electric flounder with the large gullwing doors – of course a homage to the original – has little in common with the wedge-shaped DeLorean from the 1980s, not only because of its drive.

There are a few reminiscences, such as the rear lights with the three horizontal lines or the black slats on the rear, under which the V6 petrol engine was originally located. But the DeLorean Alpha5 presents itself more as a competitor for electric super sports cars of the present. At almost five meters long and more than two meters wide, the Alpha5 is even larger than a Porsche Taycan. And it also has four individual seats.

Not much is known about the technical data, but they are not quite as spectacular as, for example, the data for the electric sedans from Lucid Motors:

Pre-ordering with a deposit, as with Tesla’s new Roadster or Cybertruck models, is not yet possible; you can only register as an interested party. Accordingly, no price for the DeLorean Alpha5 is known. In any case, only a small series is initially thought of, namely exactly 88 pieces. Here again there is a small reminiscence of the original DeLorean: Every fan of the films “Back to the Future” knows the 88, because at this speed in miles (88 mph is around 140 km/h) the DeLorean in the film performs the time jump.

The cockpit of the electric sports car is rather unspectacular. It could also come from any electric SUV. A strangely unsportsmanlike steering wheel sits in front of the dashboard monitor. There is also a smaller screen on the center console, which protrudes freely into the interior.

Technically, a few more details have meanwhile leaked out. The “Automobilwoche” speculates: “The electric DeLorean may be the first car to be based on the flexible EVX electric car platform, which Italdesign developed together with Williams Advanced Engineering.” The platform envisages a high-capacity battery – said to be up to 160 kilowatt hours – fitted into a carbon fiber tub.

Various body types, from sports cars to SUVs, can then be modularly placed on the electric chassis. According to the manufacturer, the FW-EVX platform should be 40 percent lighter than conventional electric car chassis. In addition, the carbon fiber structure would ensure a high level of crash safety – similar to Formula 1.

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