Promsvyazbank (PSB), who a year ago became the first defensive Bank “with special features”, and starts again to change the model. He resumes business areas in which it has historically remained strong competence, in particular Private Banking, and is considering the acquisition of a private pension Fund. Experts say that the PSB since the work as a universal Bank remained a significant and wealthy clients, and diversification will make it more stable in a crisis, but real competition with the leaders of the speech is impossible.PSB will conduct a marketing study on “Private Banking in Russia in 2019,” reads the message on the purchase of a single artist, published on June 19. The cost of the lot is 1.4 million rubles. terms of Reference are not disclosed, the Bank did not answer questions “b”. The procurement website appeared a new order PSB — analysis of the Russian market of collective investments (includes non-state pension funds (NPF), management companies (UK), specialized depositaries of joint-stock investment funds) for 9.3 million rubles. Results will be announced on July 21.In the second phase, the Bank expects from the contractor’s party consultations on strategy, including assistance in its development. Second purchase associated with the potential acquisition of PSB private pension Fund, said the source of Kommersant familiar with the situation in the Bank (see “Kommersant” on February 25). PSB is one of the few state — owned banks without their own pension Fund.In the Private Banking segment, the Bank also announced changes. “We want to be among the top three banks in terms of service work with VIP clients, and current period I would describe as “PSB Private Banking — restart”,”— said in March, the head of the Directorate of private capital PSB Natalia Kapinos.In 2017, the PSB, the key owners of which were the brothers-businessmen Dmitry and Alexey Ananeva, came under reorganization. In 2019, the Bank has legislatively given the status of reference for the defence procurement and government contracts, since 99,9% owned by the government. At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the Bank was in eighth place in the ranking of “Interfax” in terms of assets. Net profit under IFRS at that date was RUB 6.9 bn At the PSB’s diversified development model, which includes enterprise business (7 thousand large customers), retail (2.6 million customers) and SMEs (244 thousand clients). Of receipt special functions, the Bank tried to get rid of “non-priority” areas (see “Kommersant” on February 26).In PSB was already strong enough competence and expertise, which they are trying to use and the status of reference Bank for the defence, said the Deputy Director of the group “Financial institutions” S&P Global Ratings Catherine Marushkevich. According to her, the development of these lines gives the Bank the opportunity diversif��lication of the business model, and hence sources of income.To obtain the special status of PSB adhered to the model of private universal Bank and since then has maintained a significant part of the relevant managers. Mrs. Marushkevich adds that the audience of PSB and now “wide”, and among the clients of “a lot of wealthy people”, therefore, the development of Private Banking is logical. However, the question of how to compete in these areas (Private Banking and collective investments) with other major state-owned banks, yet is not, it is rather “the resumption of development,” she said. Director of the group ratings of financial institutions of an ACRE Irina Nosova notes that diversification operating income “makes banks more resilient to different kinds of crisis manifestations, including at the expense of increase of profitability of business”.Olga Sorokovikova on deposits from RUB 1 million in the top 10 bankautomat next