‘It was a nice speech by the Prime minister at the recently held press conference. She is good to balance the different feelings in the population and speak to them, as well as provide a degree of comfort. It is one of her most important tasks, and it was she nice.’.

this is the sound of the praise from the former Saxo-bank owner, the billionaire Lars Seier after statsminster Mette Frederiksen on Monday evening held a press conference. But, there is a but, adds the well-known actress – to give ‘los so quickly’ can also be irresponsible.

At the press conference opened Mette Frederiksen, namely, that Denmark could perhaps begin to re-open after easter.

“If we danes the next two weeks – over easter – continues to stand together, so will the government begin a gradual and controlled opening up of our society once again on the other side of easter,” said Mette Frederiksen, who, however, added that the opposite could also be argued – that the requirements became even tighter – if the danes interacted too much at easter.

If it opens up again after easter, so it will be done quietly and a little at a time, explained the prime minister, who also added that the danes must prepare to go to school and work at staggered times of day to avoid large gatherings.

Lars Seier is, however, not entirely comfortable with the prospect that Denmark can already start to re-open after easter.

‘That we should loosen the grip (instead of to tighten it) at a time when the curve is peaked, is a very risky strategy. I had expected to at the earliest, would loosen the 1-2 weeks after a clear top’, writes rigmanden, who is resident in Switzerland.

The Danish health authorities have several times in the past, told that you expect to the epidemic in Denmark, the first peak in the weeks after easter.

At the press conference told Mette Frederiksen, to so far, it seems that it has managed to slow down the infection, as the number of infected people increases slower than feared.

And Lars Seier Christensen concedes that it is a positive development.

‘One must admit that it has gone amazingly well in Denmark so far (even though we massively underestimate the infection thoroughly lack of testing), and maybe this is the result of a relatively early intervention is more important (and Denmark responded relatively quickly), than how consistent the procedure is, (where we have been less strict than some others),” he writes.

He calls also for an announcement from the prime minister and the authorities about how you will intervene in the infection by a re-opening of the society:

“If you finally need to loosen the grip, so it must be in combination with a completely consistent testing, isolation and treatment. I would very much like to have heard about, but I did not. And without it, that sounds pretty irresponsible to give los so quickly – also while most of the rest of Europe to adopt a tighter strategy,” he writes.

Erhvervsmanden, who himself resides in Switzerland, and which is generally known for its very liberal attitudes, ends his posts with to add that he hopes that the prime minister’s latest ydmelding not due to pressure from the business community.

Just business the top the last few days, had much focus on a re-opening of the society, after that, many companies have ended up in crisis.

the Danish Industry managing director Lars Sandahl Sørensen held Sunday a videoconferencing with Mette Frederiksen, where the focus was on how to opened the community up again.

‘I hope really, that this is very strongly based on fact and is not a result of business pressure just to get opened as soon as possible. Otherwise, we may come to regret it very deeply later on in the year.’, writes Lars Seier Christensen, and adds:

‘I’m surprised, I must admit – but if it is combined with the massive testing and completely consistent isolation of the infected in the future, then there is of course a very great economic advantage in getting started up again.’