Showbiz As an artist, it is her responsibility to make a difference in these times of uncertainty, to find Dana Winner (55). Therefore, she is a coronalied. A musical thank you to all the heroes of health care providers to the police and the media. “All of the people who, in spite of it’s propensity to spread bets for others,” she says.

‘Thank You, (would you like to be Today, which is yesterday from. “I am confident that we will have this song and people cheer it. Not only because of the music, but also because of the uniform and warm-to spread the message,” says Dana Winner”. “In this way we are able to show them how thankful we are that this is the first time today, pull out all the stops to get the best out of themselves, and to keep on giving. If they are there, in their safe nest, abandoned, or have to, they should care for their own children. And in all that time with everyone as much as possible to avoid.”

He popped up in front of the number as an exception, not the familiar studio. “The song-writing, vocal parts, and the method of manufacture had to be in a more creative way. We have had hours and hours using Whatsapp, and FaceTime with each other in a video chat hung up to compose music, to rehearse and to have the right key to control,” explains the lead singer of. “The track record we have, from a distance, a safe distance away did. The engineer in my garden while I was in my own office, the song inzong.”

In the accompanying video clip, will He be an assembly of as many mighty men. The people in the emergency health sector, in transport and in the port, the employees in the food stores, postal workers, nannies, irregular domestic workers, the police, fire-fighting, surveillance, vuilnisophalers, teachers, customs regulations, warehouse team, technicians, journalists-and-news, maaltijdbezorgers, the people who work in the public transport, … are all heroes,” she says.He calls it a portrait, or selfie, to send of such a hero. You can your first name, last name, age, occupation, and country in which you live and work. “We have also made an account on Instagram at: @realheroesoftoday. Thus, it can be used by anyone to #heroesoftoday to watch it. Maybe we don’t have all of the photos in the video, but Instagram is going to be the action will continue,” said Dana.