the Series “father’s daughter” ended seven years ago, “lived” on the screens for 20 seasons, but this summer about him suddenly remembered again. Of course, the reason for the recent events in the life of stars of the project: now everyone is talking about the novel Lisa Arzamasova with Ilya Averbuch and relations Miroslava Karpovich Paul Priluchny. For us it is an occasion to recall the legendary series and find out how life is starring in it Actresses and what they’re doing now.

the Series “father’s daughter”

About the series

If you have not watched “Daddy’s daughters” or have forgotten the story telling. The main character in a Comedy series — family-therapist Sergey Vasnetsov (played Andrey Leonov), from which leaves a wife (Nonna Grishaeva), leaving her husband five daughters.

I Must say that the Russian project is based on the American TV series Daddy’s Girls, released in the mid 90’s, But in the US, the sitcom was not a success: the critics were merciless and the show closed after just three series. Domestic analogue was expecting much more good fortune: starting in the fall of 2007, “Daddy’s girls” went on screens for more than six years.

the cast of “Daddy’s girls”

During this time, the young actress who played the main role, became popular, and they still have a lot of fans (although for almost all of the five “daughters” of the series is the biggest project in the filmography). So, find out how now’s the performers of the main roles.

Miroslava Karpovich

Older sister Mary was played by Miroslava Karpovich at that time, the graduate of School-Studio of Moscow art theatre. Nemirovich-Danchenko. In the story, Mary is the most popular and opinionated of the sisters, a fan of pink color, trendy outfits and night clubs. Very Karpovich press also began to choose from all caste, and the most beautiful of the series.

Miroslava Karpovich in the TV series

the Newly-born star began to offer not only parts, but and lucrative advertising contracts, she often flashed in glossy magazines and appeared at many social occasions. Leading roles in the movie on account Karpovich a bit, but there’s a pretty hyped projects like the Comedy “the Tariff new year’s” and “Corporate”. Now the actress mainly concentrates on the work in the theater.

Miroslav says that she’s nothing like her famous character from the series:

I never knew how to walk in heels, hardly worn dresses and skirts. In the framework of the series, I almost always wore shoes and dresses, due to this role have learned to feel comfortable in such feminine images. Now I go in these clothes, know how apply it correctly, for this special thank you is to say the filming of the series and my character.

those Hot��Oh for disputes have always been a slim figure Karpovich. Sometimes the girl seemed to be fans so lean, that they began to ask her questions about anorexia. The actress stated that it is not suffering from any such disorders, loves to cook and tasty to eat — just always been thin.

About the personal life of Miroslava been actively writing in June when it became known about the relationship of the actress with Paul Priluchny. Now it is already for anybody not a secret: the press and social media vigorously debated the joint couple vacation in the Crimea with the children of the actor.

Previously, the tabloids gossip about the novels Karpovich with other celebrities, including Yegor creed, which she starred in the music video, and star of the TV series “kadetstvo” Aristarchus of Venesa. However, these rumors the girl denied.

Interestingly, in an interview in February 2020, “daddy’s girl” gave portal WomanHit, she stated:

I do not perceive the male actors as a class. No offense meant.

Probably a love story with Priluchny changed opinion Miroslava on this account.

Anastasia Sivaev

Anastasia, which at the time of the start of filming was 16, originally auditioned for the role of Masha, but the producers saw it a different character — a lover of Gothic, rock and black Dasha.

Anastasia Sivaev in the series

Sivaev already had some experience on the set: at a young age, she participated in “sesame Street”, “Jumble”, videos, but also managed to play in the theatre and to work as a model at Slava Zaitsev. But recognizable, of course, was thanks to the “father’s daughter” and its vibrant character.

Already starting to appear on the show, she joined the acting faculty of the Institute of modern management, film and television. However, the new notable roles yet her fans did not wait.

About the situation in his personal life Anastasia press knows nothing. It is only known that during the filming of “Daddy’s daughters” she was meeting with a colleague on the project — actor Philip Pale (whom they ascribed the novel not with her but with Miroslava Karpovich, Elizabeth and Arzamasova).

Sivaeva difficult to find on secular parties, and in any public scandals it is also not involved. According to the page in instagram, “daddy’s girl” actively travels the world and loves to take beautiful photos in different parts of the world.

Anastasia Sivaev with Agatha muceniece and Paul by Batrutdinova

Daria Melnikova

Darya played in “Daddy’s daughters” athlete Eugene. The heroine is keen on almost all possible sports, prefers comfortable clothes, is friends only with the guys, and family is considered the strongest. In 2009 Jack began to appear on screen less often because Melnikova was admitted to the MT��Tralee school, and she had sometimes to sacrifice shots for the sake of learning.

Daria Melnikova in the series

When work began on the sitcom, the actress was 15 years old role in “Daddy’s daughters” was one of the first in her life. Having gained fame, Daria continued to appear in television series, at least — in feature films: for example, she starred in the blockbuster “Steel butterfly”, the TV series about the war “Strong armor”. After the end of the series, the actress began to play on the stage of the Moscow theater. Yermolova.

Lisa Arzamasova and Daria Melnikova in the series

In August 2013, Daria was married to actor Arthur Smolyaninov, whom she met on the set of serial ribbon “hetaeras major Sokolov”. Two years after the marriage was born their eldest son — also Arthur.

Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov

the Actress admits that with the birth of the first child “dramatically matured”, realizing that “now should always be in good shape and adequate”.

I thought that motherhood is your life, just next to the baby, and it turned out to be his/their life and near you,

writes Melnikov instagram now, when she’s two. Youngest son mark came to acting pair in December 2018.

Experienced there ever be Daria, it was for many years attached the label of “daddy dearest”?

One time I ran from this role, I wanted to prove to myself and the world that I grew up in. But then I realized that it is not necessary to run: cool, so it was. It’s amazing, but people are still watching the show,

— said Melnikov in an interview for the latest issue of Maxim magazine, which, incidentally, includes her candid photoshoot.

In the same interview, the actress said that it is very selective in choosing film projects and theatrical productions, as with two young children not at all enough time. However, in the near future we will see her on the screen: preparing to run the bloody Thriller “Forbidden zone” with her in the lead role. Daria explained that the premiere of the film was postponed because of the quarantine.

Lisa Arzamasova

Elizabeth in films since the age of four. At the time of launch “Daddy’s daughters” in the baggage of a 12-year-old actress was already practicing in the music Studio at GITIS, the main role in the musical “Annie” and the prize of the festival “Moscow debuts” and the role of the theatre “Novaya Opera” and at least a dozen works in the series.

Lisa Arzamasova in the series

In “Daddy’s daughters” Liza got the role of Galina Sergeevny, the most intelligent, serious and well-read woman. The project Arzamasova became well known to the audience, and the lack of new roles she is definitely not threatened: all this time the actress is actively removed and plays in the theater. ��naked remembered for her participation in the show of the First channel “Ice and fire”, where she appeared in a pair skater with Maxim Stavisky, and they took second place.

Lisa Arzamasova and Maxim Stavisky

in the years of the broadcast of the series Arzamasova began to develop my singing career: in 2010 he released his debut single “I am your sun” (and removed the clip of Philip the Pale), and two years later track “Anticipation”. By the way, in comments to the clips of Lisa it is still constantly referred to by Galina Sergeyevna.

New music video Elizabeth have not been released, but recently starred in “quarantine” clip Rodion Gazmanov with the song “Udalenke” starring girls Alenka that the contractor is due to isolation “love only via Skype”.

as for the real love life of Liza, as we all know, the chosen one 25-year-old actress is a 46-year-old skater and producer Ilya Averbukh. Say couple met on the set of the project “Ice and flame”, when Arzamasova was only 17. Previously, Lisa was credited with relations with the same Pale Philip from “Daddy’s daughters”: it was even said about the engagement and wedding, but the actors are all denied it.

Philipp Pale and Liza Arzamasova

Ekaterina Starshova

Very youngest in the TV family — Pauline, nicknamed the button — of course, was an absolute favorite of the audience. In her role auditioned about two hundred girls, but the choice of the producers stopped at a 6-year-old Charmer Catherine Starkovoy.

Ekaterina Starshova in the series

the Girl, who was born in a family of professional figure skaters and she is still seriously engaged in figure skating, charmed not only the audience, but also advertisers: it was shot in their commercials for many top brands like Kinder and “Frutonyanya”.

Catherine for 18 years, and on the Internet many articles on the topic “now looks like a button”. The young actress grew up in the eyes of the viewers, many of which still shock that she is now a grown woman (and — horror of horrors — even meets a young man).

it Seems that from his screen image Starshova does not get rid of for a long time. However, she does not try — on the page in instagram and describes itself: “the button from “Daddy’s daughters”. In fact, the commentators rarely call her Katya.

After the show the girl played a few small roles in movies, but his life has connected with an entirely different sphere: in the past year, she became a student of the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University.

Catherine continued to skating and sometimes a guest or member of various shows: so, four years ago starred in “Dancing with the stars.”