Capital student scored maximum score the results of the four subjects of the Unified state examination (use). 400 ballekom became a graduate of the Bauman engineering school # 1580 Dmitry Savichev. He passed examinations in Russian language, core mathematics, physics and computer science. This was announced on his page in sotsseti “In contact” Sergei Sobyanin.

two of the graduate — Yuri petryaev from school № 1580 and Faith Turkis from school No. 1568 — received 397 points.

in addition, another 560 Metropolitan graduates gained more than 370 points in four subjects. These results say that pandemic has not prevented them to prepare well for the final exams. Good results will allow children to easily enroll in prestigious universities.

this year the exam was passed only by those who planned to go to College. Most have registered for the exam Russian language — more than 60 thousand people. Second place at the core of mathematics — 37 thousand people. Physics was chosen by more than 10 thousand graduates and computer science and information and communication technology — more than 11 thousand.

the Main period of the unified state exam this year took place from 3 to 25 July. In the Russian language, specialized mathematics, physics and Informatics recorded 1361 maximum score is 100 points. 33 592 the result from 81 to 99 points.

Just gave the exam about 80 thousand people, of which 64 thousand — graduates of this year. Another 13 thousand people — the graduates of previous years, and about two thousand College students and students of foreign educational institutions.

Those who missed the main exam period for valid reasons, will be able to take exams in the extra period, which launched today, August 3.

to Find out the results of the exam and appeal of disagreement with the exposed points on the portal More information on state exams on the website of the Regional information processing center of Moscow and on social networks of the Moscow centre of quality of education with the hashtag #Akela. If you have any questions, you can ask them on the phone: +7 (499) 653-94-50.