The beautiful ‘Forsidefrue’ and springrytter hoped to the last that the OL would not be deferred as a result of coronavirussen. But now it’s a reality. The OLYMPICS will be deferred to a later date, and it gets to the summer of 2021.

There are six springryttere, who will be selected for the OLYMPICS, and, in consequence, will only be sent to the OLYMPICS to represent Denmark. There were good chances that it would be Tina Lund, when she was the year the rider in Denmark last year, and, in general, she has achieved great results.

“Right now I’m at the top. So it is super annoying when it really is a dream, I have fought for throughout my career. So right now I’m sitting with a tear in his eye. I know that it is not at all important compared to what happens out in the world, but that is why I am upset about it anyway,” says Tina Lund for Realityportalen.

Perhaps this is the horse sold

Forsidefruen have before represented Denmark at the european championships and WORLD championships, but she still has to live out the dream of an OLYMPICS.

“next year should I the so out and create completely new results, there are some who have new horses, while the other has been sold. It may also be that my horse is injured to the time, there can happen everything is possible, when one has to do with animals.”

Tina Lund emphasises again that it is more important that we get a grip on the world and coronapandemien, but it doesn’t make for that she is hugely upset about it.

“I have the last two years working so hard to get to the OLYMPICS. It might be that it can also be done in 2021. Hopefully, it can. But just in the year I had really good chances,” she says.

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