Protesters in Minneapolis have surrounded a police station amid ongoing unrest over the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement, as a curfew imposed by the city government goes unenforced and crowds refuse to disperse.

The demonstrators could be seen outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 5th precinct headquarters on Friday night in exclusive footage obtained by RT’s Sophia Narwitz.

A MASSIVE new group converges on the fifth precinct in Minneapolis. Group spreads for blocks. Field reporting –

The riot arrives at the Minneapolis police department. It’s 90 mins past the city curfew.Field reporting –

In the immediate area around the station, protesters gathered to chant anti-police slogans and voice outrage, while officers kept a low profile and largely stayed out of sight.

National guard and police have retreated in Minneapolis. Rioters march on. Cars on fire. Situation begins to devolve.Field reporting –

Looting has again kicked off across the city, with a group gathered near a convenience store near the 5th precinct attempting to breach the building. A pharmacy has also been ransacked, Narwitz reported.

Directly across the street from the Minneapolis 5th precinct, looting begins.

While a massive police and National Guard presence was seen earlier on Friday, as day became night and the mayor’s curfew took effect, security forces have largely vacated the streets.

Pharmacy ransacked. Now private security guarding it.

Several officers were spotted on the roof of the 5th precinct building, however, mirroring a similar tactic adopted before the 3rd precinct headquarters fell on Thursday, with protesters storming the station and setting it ablaze as officers fled.

Rioters ignite fires across street from Minneapolis 5th precinct at gas station, and ransack businesses. Situation escalating. Field reporting –

A fire has been set at a gas station near the police department, with reports of several other conflagrations across the city. While the Minneapolis Fire Department said it continues to respond to fires, they have not been seen anywhere near the protesters.

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