Company SpaceX modified the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon in accordance with the wishes of the Roskosmos, announced on Friday by the head of program MKS in NASA kirk schirman.

"One of the biggest concerns, which was the Russian space Agency, is that in the case of a very unlikely failure, but if failure happens, it can cause damage, even catastrophic, for the ISS. SpaceX said they understand and make modifications. And SpaceX has made in his ship between the (missions) Demo-1 and Demo-2", – he said live on NASA TV.

According to Shirman last two days, during which there was analysis of flight readiness, the Federal space Agency took part permanent.

"And if for us it’s been a long day, it was a long night for our Russian colleagues," he said.

Schirman added that after the first demonstration of an unmanned flight of the Crew Dragon to ISS NASA spent "countless discussions" with Russian colleagues explained all the technical aspects and answered questions.

The first manned launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon will be held on may 27 from Baikonur at Cape Canaveral. On Board the ISS to poison Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. The mission received the name of Demo-2. The launch will be the first manned launch of the us spacecraft since the completion of the program "space Shuttle" in 2011.