Artists-minimalists Olga and Oleg Tatarintseva exist in your separately taken art space, which is regularly shown on Russian and world art shows. But they don’t need anybody but themselves. They were married in the College years and since then do not part. As for many artists, insulation for Olga and Oleg – a common occurrence, a natural part of the creative process. And now – in the framework of the project “Art of Life” (curators: Maria Moskvicheva and Dmitry Grasevich) – we take an online trip to their apartment-Studio in Strogino.

help-MK: Olga and Oleg Tatarintseva – one of the leading artists working in the tradition of minimalist art. However, their work goes beyond the classical minimal art. It is broader than pure form and color. For simple geometry and rich color are important and complex meanings. This may be the study of musical harmony and its open through the painting (as in the project “Limit of sound” in the theater “Helikon-Opera”, 2015), or arguments about historical memory, with a focus on such concepts as freedom and injustice (the exhibition “is seen as a precondition” gallery pop/off/art, 2018). Your concise in texture and deep in meaning of artists embody ideas not only in painting but also in sculpture. They work as a Duo and as independent authors. The work of Olga and Oleg Tatarintseva are in the collections of major modern art museums and private collections around the world. They show (in docorating era) could often be seen in Paris, Basel or Zurich. Besides, Oleg almost 30 years of teaching at the Stroganov Academy.

our questions are answered Oleg Tatarintsev is simple, as befits a true minimalist.

– What is your personal creativity zone? What a space, its mood, the drink? Does it matter the size, wall color, window view, the absence (or presence) of some attributes?

– let’s Start with the drink – dry white wine. In this situation – with friends in a “bar online” on WhatsApp. Turned out to be very convenient! The view from the window – anyway, the main thing that was the sun. The room is empty, walls are white.

is it Important for you loneliness while working in the Studio?

– we Normally work in different places. Now, in connection with quarantine Olga can not understand what I do she’s in the Studio… the way, says (laughs).

How long can you stay in the Studio alone? A few days, weeks, months and not go in white light?

– in General, for us nothing has changed. It turned out that we are all living in the mode of self-isolation live and work.

– How important is it for you food, when inspiration strikes?

– Always helps coffee, everything else may vary depending on the place/country where we operate.

– Say, many artists work in “altered state”? Is it for you?

– I Think that right now would really be a changed state.

People in order to live in the apartment for a few months needs to buy food. And what should be in your workshop for two months in addition to the products? How many liters of the solvent as the oil, canvases or other materials?

– We are not stocked. Works fine shipping materials. We just got a box brought.

– what, in your opinion, mass self-isolation will change our world?

– much change, would like to see priorities from the insane militarization of and an arms race in medicine and science, for example.