In the corruption scandal surrounding the former Vice President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, the public prosecutor’s office has confiscated a 7,000 square meter property on the Greek island of Paros. According to the public prosecutor, there are indications that money laundering was involved in the purchase of the property. Kaili bought the property with her husband in early 2022.

Kaili’s lawyer has confirmed his client’s innocence. “Eva Kaili is innocent,” said her Greek lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos on Thursday after a hearing before the magistrate in Brussels. The decision on whether the 44-year-old Greek woman remains in prison should be made on the same day.

As the Belgian news agency Belga reported, Kaili’s lawyers applied for the politician to be released on condition that she be bound. The day before, Dimitrakopoulos had said that Kaili was not at risk of absconding, nor was she able to destroy evidence. Another argument is that Kailis’ two-year-old daughter is now effectively an orphan because both parents are imprisoned. According to Greek media reports, the child is with his grandfather, the suspect’s father.

The Belgian judiciary is investigating suspected corruption, money laundering and influence from abroad in the vicinity of the EU Parliament. It is said that the Gulf Emirate of Qatar is said to have tried to influence political decisions with gifts of money and goods. According to reports, Morocco tried to do the same.

Kaili and three other suspects – including her partner – were therefore taken into custody on December 11. They are charged with involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption.