In 1937 the accountant of the Lower Salda Pavel Aleksandrovich Rodygin decided to sell the cow and buy a Bayan a 12-year-old son Zhenya. Then the head of the family could hardly assume that it is a good investment. Club classics in the club named after Lenin became the kid’s first stepping stone to professional heights. And then he was led by fate.

17-year-old accordionist heard Anatoly Novikov, the author of the song “darkie” and the head of the Moscow ensemble of a song. And already on December 31, 1942, Eugene was on the stage of the Column hall of House of Unions. After the concert he was approached by the commander 158 infantry division and offered to go to the front. Jack was promoted to staff Sergeant, received the medal “For courage”, organized musical group, performing at the forefront. And just two weeks before the Victory in the battle on the Oder, was seriously wounded.

– Woke up in the hospital. The cast from the heels up to the armpits, both legs broken, and his hands are intact, – remembers Evgenie. Barely recovered, my house each morning to generate the accordion: put on the chest, tied, so as not to fall, and carried on beds throughout the hospital, and I played for the wounded.

Chosen to front the way Rodygin remained faithful all his life. When studied at the composition Department of the Ural Conservatory, laughed over it, saying that songwriter is not serious. But it turns out seriously, and how. Songs rodygina loved the people and the leadership of the country – a rare case. Written in 1953, “Uralskaya Ryabinushka” instantly gained a fantastic popularity sounded from the stages of large concert halls. The song is translated into many languages, and in 2010, Chinese Director Zhang Yimou made it a capital musical theme of his movie “Under the branches of hawthorn”.

“the Kinder” loved Boris Yeltsin, “Ride settlers” – Nikita Khrushchev. “Sverdlovsk waltz” decades was the hallmark of the city, and later stars of the Sverdlovsk rock club Vyacheslav Butusov and Nastya Poleva recorded his version of the song.

About Eugene Rodygina wrote and directed the movies, he traveled a lot with concerts around the country. Natural vitality and energy allowed Yevgeny Pavlovich to live interesting and fulfilling: in the 70 years he began to study English, 80 – to study the ancient philosophers in 90 – pour cold water. Now, of course, the years take their toll, and to touch the keys of the instrument Evgeny Pavlovich can only with son Roman.

Roman E. has created a Fund “Uralskaya Ryabinushka”, his goal is to preserve everything connected with the work of the father. The documentation Center of social organizations formed the personal Foundation of the people’s artist, but the music continues to sound rodygina.