Pandemic coronavirus threw Bulgaria, which is the poorest country in Europe in the 1990-ies. This writes Bloomberg.

As explained by the Agency, Bulgaria after the severe economic crisis in the country about 25 years ago, was on the path of rapprochement with Europe. She has conducted large-scale privatization of state companies and develop the competition.

But two years ago the authorities began to increase the state’s influence in the spheres of business — from management of water supply and the construction industry to the gambling and media business. On the background of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, growth of influence of authorities on business is increased.

Bulgarian Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov on last week, has said that the state will intervene where and when you want, if it is necessary to maintain the operation of the market.

as an example, the Agency cites the decision in Friday, June 5, the preliminary decision of the Bulgarian authorities to create a state oil company that will compete with the market leader is the local unit of Russia’s LUKOIL. The final vote on this issue could take place next week, according to Bloomberg.

Previously, the Agency wrote that Eastern Europe was faced with serious economic consequences of the pandemic coronavirus. The region is waiting for the strongest decline since the days of communism.