Friederike Sophie Dangel (49) does not want to let it get to you: “I just hope that the losing streak will soon pass.” The Corona-crisis has hit the self-employed instrument maker with full force. Because professional musicians are not allowed to occur, and universities were forced to close, she had more from one day to the other orders. And so no income.

the stand-Alone with two children in school in distress. Because even while the Corona of a crisis, you need to pay bills. On help from the state, she hoped so far in vain. In the case of the Basel compensation office you requested to be unsuccessful acquisition compensation. Claim have only the self-employed, whose Shop was closed on the orders or who can no longer work because of the event ban.

Between the chair and the Bank

the Federal Council announced SME emergency loans are not a solution: “So I would simply take debt should I pay it off then on again.” At least Dangel has received a Boost from the solidarity Fund, the Basel commercial Foundation. But otherwise it falls, like many others, between the chair and the Bank.

the hope of short-time working Remains. Normally, 80 percent of the loss then stay ends wage from the unemployment Fund. But here the next Problem: the self-employed, employed by themselves already, will get only a flat fee of 3320 francs.

“For me, many questions remain open, how to go on,” says Dangel. “But, somehow, it will go further. You have to get along for a while with less.”

Here is the help for SMEs

hits The Corona-crisis the Swiss economy, especially SMEs. Shops, Restaurants, Salons, museums and many more establishments have to temporarily close their doors. Many people see their life’s work in danger, don’t know how it goes, existence and fears-wide. Now quick, pragmatic and creative help is needed. The views of the group to contribute their part and supports as a cooperation partner of the Raiffeisen Initiative of the local On the free, non-profit Crowdfunding platform, the heroes can temporarily under all SMEs and local commercial projects intrude, and vouchers for the period after Corona or donations. Thus, short-term liquidity can be bridged loss problems and turnover. SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, it remains strong.