The Federal Council to prepare the gradual normalization of Switzerland, the SVP. He had to plan how our country industry, way back to the state before the Lockdown could be. Worse threatened than what is causing the Corona, namely, Corporate collapses and a huge unemployment, and even poverty and Hunger.

For the SVP is the prerequisite for this, however, is that Switzerland had to adopt a protective mask of duty, as soon as sufficient masks are available. And the largest party of Switzerland requires that the Federal effort to finally, in order to protect the company and the people, and not just the medical staff, the administrative staff and members of the army, as SVP-Vice-President and national councillor Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50) says.

BAG to have to “white lie” seized

According to the Martullo-Blocher produced in China, about 90 percent of the protective masks in the world. 150 million masks would be produced per day. “And that China now needs a lot of work,” says the entrepreneur, whose EMS-Chemie has been in the country five companies, which were partially also in the medical field.

The arms of pharmacy, must go ahead and take the masks in China get. Even private companies could buy the masks, the Problem is the logistics but. As the Swiss Airline Swiss have offered to bring the protective material into our country, should it be the Federal government, the procurement of masks and other protection material-martialed.

For weeks, the Switzerland of discussion about whether masks actually offer protection from a Corona infection or not. According to the Federal office for health (BAG) is not occupied of the protection in the case of Corona. For SVP national councillor Verena Herzog (64) is the “a little white lie, because the duty of bearings are not filled”.

the 1.5 billion Chinese can the protection to the

And also for Martullo, the masks offer a 95 – to 98-percent. Only had been claimed from the side of the BAG, it only made sense that Infected wear a mask, in order to protect others. Then the office have argued that there is no sufficient studies showing the protective effect scientifically. “And now the BAG is saying that people are too stupid”, the masks to be applied correctly, so Martullo. The nearly 1.5 billion Chinese have learned to deal with the masks Yes also.

Party thought-leader and former Federal councillor Christoph Blocher (79) calls the ultimate: “The Federal Council must remove the shackles.” And to do this he had to have an early Plan of how the Opening is supposed to happen. “Because the companies need a lead time of ten days.”

The present Corona-measures of the Federal Council to apply to the 19. April. Until then, SVP with carrying the measures, said the party representatives in a conference call with journalists. After that, however, it had to be done as quickly as possible step-by-step the Opening.

– Reinforced border protection

in addition to the protective masks for all the party demands that older persons and those belonging to a risk group, self-isolate. And at the border it must be for immigrants to strict controls. There should be no immigrants, the groups at risk belong to what is observed except in the case of the over 65-Year-old hard. And only those who can prove that he is a Corona-free, should be allowed to enter, the other will be rejected at the border. An exception to form the national: Swiss and foreigners with a residence permit, a long two weeks in quarantine if you cannot prove that you are not suffering from Corona.

Together with the sectors had to be clarified, can guarantee how the necessary hygiene measures and the distance of two meters. And which industries should be first back up. Such as China, could dress stores, then flower shops and nurseries, as well as later, Coiffeur salons are open again. There had been limited at the hairdressers in the offer to cut but on the pure hair. Restaurants could then rise again. Concerts and other occasions should not be carried out in China, but still.

Also, schools could be open to the ideas of the SVP again – but probably only for half the class. There is the opportunity of the summer holidays fail to allow for half the students and you in this time to teach. The other half would then press later in the school Bank.

economic recovery program?

The SVP wants to make the Federal government for the opening-up plan, the only these requirements: masks-Obligaturium, Isolation of vulnerable people and strict border controls. In addition, regional exceptions, such as for the Ticino would remain possible. The Federal Council did not specify how the state of emergency regime is gradually reduced and the economy can be re-booted.

According to the call for a recovery plan to be in Switzerland, in order to give the economy a nudge. Concrete proposals are not making the SVP here. Blocher said his party was open to it, that is already planned, and approved projects will be preferred. Here he is thinking particularly of construction projects. To keep up but on the other hand, additional and possibly unnecessary to be projecting.

health is more important than the dividend Blochers

FDP parliamentary group chief, Beat Walti (51) told Swiss Radio SRF, he does not think that in the case of Corona, a lot of profiling exercises of parties. CVP-chief, Gerhard Pfister (57) stressed that the Federal Council have cases to be a difficult decision to. You would do well to support him, and on the experts ‘ knowledge to listen to. There is no reason to criticise the state government. And from the point of view of SP-President Christian Levrat (49) plays the SVP with the fire. It was true that the Decisions of the authorities by the protection of the health of the population would be guided primarily by economic Considerations. The health is more important than the dividends of the family of Blocher.

And also health Minister Alain Berset (47, SP) given by the SVP-plans cancellation: It is illusory to think that it is from 20. April, everything is back to normal.

Monday to more than 100. (SDA)


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 – what is What?

In the case of the Corona-pandemic reigns confusion about the terms. In this case, these three names mixed up again and again:

coronaviruses are a family of Viruses. This can affect both animals and people, and different symptoms trigger. Corona (dt. Crown) refers to their crown-like projections.

In January 2020 was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a new Coronavirus. Sars-Cov is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (dt. severe acute respiratory syndrome-Coronavirus). Since it belongs to the same type as the Coronavirus of Sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003, it received the number 2.

The Sars-Cov-2 triggers in certain cases, a respiratory disease. This is referred to as the Covid-19, so Coronavirus disease (dt. Coronavirus Disease). The number 19 refers to the year 2019, by the disease was diagnosed for the first Time. Symptoms include severe lung inflammation.