Some industrial companies to pay in the light of the corona crisis later than usual, open invoices, in order to preserve their liquidity. This could lead to a Domino effect that harms the entire industry.

The behavior of some large industrial and commercial enterprises is met in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of understanding of the wrote Swiss mechanic on Thursday in a message. In the past few days, many an SME had been informed that it must continue to wait longer for his money for delivered Goods and products – namely, now 60 days instead of 30 days.

big businesses push the crisis

The big businesses would argue with the crisis, and from a current practice in the industry at this time, payments to defer the employers ‘ Association of SMEs in the Swiss machine, electrical and metal industry.

And if it is an important customer, not a lot of space, the game have said, an SME Swissmechanic-President Roland Goethe to the news Agency AWP. Especially the very small company with maybe three or four employees would have a big Problem, if it is not paid. He rate the big companies, to find in a personal conversation, together in each case with a solution, instead of sending a “zero eight fifteen”-Write about new terms of payment.

SMEs in the liquidity bottleneck

In this difficult time we should work together, it was said in the message. We very much hope that this approach will not make more school: “the stone rolling, it’s at the end of the SMEs will suffer most from the deterioration in the payment discipline and liquidity once again threatened see.”

Many SMEs are due to the corona of a crisis in a liquidity shortage, Swiss mechanic. Therefore, the company and the factory in Switzerland “relieved and grateful” had been decided by the Federal Council bridging loans, and the more incomprehensible is the worse payment morale is now.

ripple effect through the entire supply chain

is The industry Association Swissmem, representing both SMEs and large companies in the MEM industries, deplores the fact that individual companies have extended their payment deadlines. The members had already been some time ago asked to do so, said Ivo Zimmermann of the Swissmem on request from AWP.

“Otherwise, it could lead to a Domino effect through the entire supply chain,” he warned. It is also in the interest of the larger companies that their suppliers will survive this crisis. (SDA/vnf)

Here is the help for SMEs

hits The Corona-crisis the Swiss economy, especially SMEs. Shops, Restaurants, Salons, museums and many more establishments have to temporarily close their doors. Many people see their life’s work in danger, don’t know how it goes, existence and fears-wide. Now quick, pragmatic and creative help is needed. The views of the group to contribute their part and supports as a cooperation partner of the Raiffeisen Initiative of the local On the free, non-profit Crowdfunding platform, the heroes can temporarily under all SMEs and local commercial projects intrude, and vouchers for the period after Corona or donations. Thus, short-term liquidity can be bridged loss problems and turnover. SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, it remains strong.