to get out of School for safety reasons: for the time being until the 19th century. April has forbidden to the Federal Council in the classroom on-site. Only emergency care is permitted for children of health staff.

The school Lockdown is likely to last far longer. “It is illusory to believe that after the age of 20. April will find everything back to normal,” said health Minister Alain Berset (47) on Tuesday in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Olten plans until the end of may

On the extension, the schools are now preparing. In the Canton of Solothurn, the two-week spring start next week, but after that, classes continue, the remote. Individual municipalities are planning as a precaution until the end of may, for example, Olten SO.

In a letter to Parents to the framework of distance learning of the city makes it clear that after the holidays, a higher gear is switched. Because then “increases the demands on the design of a lesson”, it says. Has been deepened, especially fabric, is now to be conveyed to new Knowledge. “The exchange between school and family is intense and can be supported by digital media”, it says. Therefore, it is also clarified that the children have a Computer or printer. Is planned to be a virtual class room.

Until the end of the holiday, the teachers set the weekly structure for lessons. And in the letter the tasks of the parents will be outlined, to motivate your children and support them.

St. Gallen is hoping to normal operation as of June

in St. Gallen, the schools are already planning on the 19. April also. “As long as the exceptional situation persists, is currently still open,” writes the Canton government said in a statement. It has, however, instructed the schools to plan the distance education after the spring vacation “until the end of April”. It should be set after the holidays “anywhere consistent to the teaching of new learning content”.

Nevertheless, the government makes it clear that the schools should be made as soon as possible to re-open. It is planned a step-by-step up to classroom teaching. The schools would have to now think about the time after the crisis and prepare accordingly. “The objective should be to be starting in may, in part, for the Disadvantaged in small groups and, at the latest, from June, fully in normal operation, for a classroom equipped for the future.”

As in Solothurn, St. Gallen, Aargau pulls on the reins. The Canton had said at the beginning, as the only teachers to give students tasks. As you noted, that with this approach alone, saw the education Directorate of the instruction quickly. 20. April, it is now also in Aargau the right distance learning based on the curriculum. Notes there is, however, not.

Not everywhere is clear what is to come

In many other cantons, parents and students do not know still how to do it after the spring break up right. So, for example, in Zurich, Lucerne and Basel-land. In the latter, the Canton, the government has decided after all, that only the notes up to 16. March for the testimonies of the current school year is crucial.

In the current exception situation might be does not ensure uniform testing conditions, established in the Basel government. Nevertheless, she wants to create clarity for all Participants, as with examinations and certificates to deal. And: “Due to the extraordinary Situation that transportation decisions should be made, in principle, benevolent.”