For Anna Chudozilov (40) is the Corona-crisis, a more expensive Fun: The mother of two lives with her Partner in Lucerne, both of which are currently in the home office and take care of the children themselves. The crèches in Switzerland, but are open supply, so you need to be paid. “We families have to see for yourself how we organize ourselves, and still more numbers. It makes me angry,” she said to VIEW.

How Chudozilov it is currently, many working parents in this country. Because of the out-of-home child care is a real day-care centre is in Chaos. While the schools are closed, has committed to the Federal government, the cantons, to get a childcare provision for children is maintained, which cannot be privately maintained.

Federal constricted the aid package

However, the cantons shall implement this order, very different, as an evaluation of the trade Union SSP / VPOD shows. In different cantons, only a minimal emergency care is offered only for children whose parents are in the pandemic use, for example, the health care staff. Elsewhere, the day care centers are generally open.

“The cantons shall implement the requirements inconsistently, with unclear consequences in terms of Costs for parents and day-care centres”, criticized VPOD-Central Secretary Natascha Wey (37). In an open letter to the cantonal social Directors, as well as the Federal social insurance office, the Union, the commitment the Federal government and the cantons financially stronger for the support facilities required by assuming, for example, parents ‘ contributions and subsidies, deficit guarantees, or A non-repayable contributions to talk.

A requirement that is met now, apparently, to be heard, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported. According to the report, the Federal government is planning a 300 to 600 million Swiss francs dollar aid package for the childcare. Cribs should receive compensation, and for those children who no longer come because of the Coronavirus in the nursery. In return, the parents should not have to pay no more contributions for the children, and send them in the crib. Expected to be on Friday, the Federal Council shall decide.

, Only groups of four

“Finally comes a movement in the thing,” says Wey. However, not only on the financial level, she sees a need for action. The staff in the care facilities is also insecure in terms of health, so Wey. “The Federal Council defined the protection rules are not Cribs in children it is possible to achieve, you can’t take care of small children from two meters distance and a higher contagion is therefore exposed to danger.”

Here, the Confederation and the cantons to ensure more clarity. “In the day-care centres, Switzerland should apply a minimum emergency care,” said Wey. This includes, for example, the maximum Group would have to be reduced in size.

Wey refers to the interior on a proposal of the caregiver-group “in spite of” phase: each site is likely to only be a group of children from a maximum of four courses offered, which will be supervised by at least one trained and qualified person. A second group per site is likely to only be led, if strict measures for health would be met.


protect the protection of the VPOD to extend for the daycare staff. “Not only is the risk persons in accordance with requirements of the Federal government, but all persons over 60 and Pregnant women must be provided full pay immediately,” said Wey.

it calls on the Federal government and the cantons shall, as soon as possible, a round table, together with the social partners to convene. Wey: “We have to tackle the challenges in the preschool childcare area now together.”

“Homeschooling and the home office are not compatible”

Also on the part of the SP women numerous demands. You make your own, Federal councillor Alain Berset (47) steam. The public authorities must now step in, and the cost of operation of day care centers accept. In addition, the idea that families work at home and at the same time the children can watch is “impossible and unrealistic”.

“Homeschooling and the home office are not compatible,” says Tamara Funiciello, Co-President of SP women Switzerland. It calls for, among other things, that care work the working hours will be charged. So, as some companies already have done.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 – what is What?

In the case of the Corona-pandemic reigns confusion about the terms. In this case, these three names mixed up again and again:

coronaviruses are a family of Viruses. This can affect both animals and people, and different symptoms trigger. Corona (dt. Crown) refers to their crown-like projections.

In January 2020 was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a new Coronavirus. Sars-Cov is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (dt. severe acute respiratory syndrome-Coronavirus). Since it belongs to the same type as the Coronavirus of Sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003, it received the number 2.

The Sars-Cov-2 triggers in certain cases, a respiratory disease. This is referred to as the Covid-19, so Coronavirus disease (dt. Coronavirus Disease). The number 19 refers to the year 2019, by the disease was diagnosed for the first Time. Symptoms include severe lung inflammation.