White mountain summit, clinking glasses, loud music from the boxes next to the ski slope. In March economic activity in the holiday Canton usually is high-Graubünden. Skiers to celebrate, and next to the slopes. The Volg-Lädeli in the village border sometimes comes to the pain. Motorists are jamming on Sunday evening on the way back into the country.

last March, everything was different. The country is due to the spread of the Coronavirus still. The ski resorts are closed, people are encouraged to stay at home. The streets remain empty. No music, it remains silent. Only the hospitals prepare for a rush. On a rush to the intensive care unit.

The economic consequences also show up in the official unemployment statistics of the Federal government. 2175 persons are reported in the mountain Canton of officially unemployed. You going to the RAV remains the only. In the month of February, there were still almost 900 less. Thus, Graubünden has secured an inglorious title. In no Canton, the unemployment figures have developed – relatively speaking – more. Not even the Ticino shows a stronger Corona-rash.

the Highest rate in Geneva,

What is shown in the Grisons, can also be used in other cantons can be observed. Everywhere, the number of unemployed rises. 118’000 at the end of February 2020. 136’000 it is the end of March. A Plus of 18’000 for the whole of Switzerland makes. First and foremost, employees in the service sector are affected. Without short-time work, the picture would look even bleaker.

In absolute terms, Zurich is the frontrunner. 24’000 people are registered with the RAV. The are almost 4000 more than in the previous month. The official unemployment rate in Zurich is now 2.8 per cent and thus only slightly below the nationwide figure of 2.9 per cent.

In four Swiss cantons, the rate is now about 4 percent. All are in the West of Switzerland. Geneva, with a value of 4.5 percent at the worst. Behind the of Vaud (4.4 percent), new castle (4.1 per cent) and law (4.1 percent) follow. The whole Region of Western Switzerland and the Ticino, in combination to a value of 4 percent. The German part of Switzerland is 2.5 percent.

young people in the case of

a glance at the statistics also shows that among the losers in the labour market, the young and the women. Youth unemployment increased by a whopping 20 percent! Almost 15’000 young people are taken care of by RAV.

The values are well above the statistical average and are a cause for concern. As for the experts from the Federal government is clear: In times of economic crisis it is young people especially hard, in the labour market. A longer period of unemployment, if companies continue to suffer from the consequences of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The women are finally in the double losers: they work all too often in deep positions, and have little reserves. All the more tragic Figures of the Confederation. 57’800 women are officially considered as unemployed. This is an increase of 17 percent compared to the Situation in February. In men, the Plus is only 14 percent.