The Indian police is implementing measures to combat the Corona pandemic rigorously, even with machine guns and sticks. Had a group of 30 tourists on the Andaman Islands in your own skin, including Swiss. With his gun at ready, the tourists are driven to the archipelago in the Indian ocean together. You should leave the Islands, though none is plugged in.

One of them is the Swiss Mona S.*(36) from Bern. “We were transported like cattle by armed police officers,” says you to LOOK. After you and other tourists to the island, Neil has brought the ferry to the main island of Port Blair, one has crammed in buses and at the airport. There they had to wait for hours in the blazing sun. The tourist was handed a plane ticket in the town of Chennai – you had to pay for it yourself.

Now Mona S. and the other stuck in a Hostel in Chennai. “It’s scary. I don’t know how and when I get home,” she says.

“‘t even Get to the airport”

Actually, the return flight of the Swiss on Tuesday would not have been in the morning, instead of but. As it goes now, don’t know you. “I’m currently not even to the airport. Which is located about 20 km taxi ride, no more,” she says. The police have erected also block the Road.

From the EDA, you got to own statements so far, no help. At the Embassy in Chennai no one is also accessible. “The Swiss Embassy in Mumbai, don’t know currently how to do it,” says Mona.

“be A bit like in jail”

There is currently very calm in Chennai, she says. “I am, however, severely limited. It’s a bit like in jail.” When Mona goes out of the course, you risk to be caught by the police. “Most of the time someone get us the food in the city. We must then, however, would Double the figures, as it actually cost,” she says.

After all, you have still enough cash with you. That keeps them but well hidden. Because without money, you would have to leave the Hostel. Most of the Hostels but would take anyway, no tourists.

police tourists referred to as the “stinking cattle”

the Spaniard Manuel de Luca (38) is one of the approximately 30 affected tourists. He tells of frightening scenes. “They pushed us with machine guns and sticks armed,” he told “El País”. The officials shouted: “Corona! Corona! How stinking animal!”

He also reported of harassment at the airport: “While we were in line, we had to endure it, that the cleaning staff has sprayed with window cleaner,” says de Luca. Allegedly, one of the stranded tourists have been beaten, when he wanted to extend his visa. The reply to a request from a VIEW to the present case.

Swiss representations in contact with tourists.

“There are for weeks, various reports of tourists in India, also from Switzerland, that they are intimidated, for example, verbally, from hotel rooms included, in the case of police Check Points not to be left”, says Pierre-Alain Eltschinger from the Swiss Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA), at the request of a VIEW. The reports come from various places of residence of tourists.

“The DFA takes these incidents high profile, with the Indian authorities. The Swiss representations in the place with several tourists in contact to support you within the framework of consular protection”, it means more. (SCM/bra)

*Name known to the editors


The Coronavirus, the world currently holds in breath. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 – what is What?

In the case of the Corona-pandemic reigns confusion about the terms. In this case, these three names mixed up again and again:

coronaviruses are a family of Viruses. This can affect both animals and people, and different symptoms trigger. Corona (dt. Crown) refers to their crown-like projections.

In January 2020 was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a new Coronavirus. Sars-Cov is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (dt. severe acute respiratory syndrome-Coronavirus). Since it belongs to the same type as the Coronavirus of Sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003, it received the number 2.

The Sars-Cov-2 triggers in certain cases, a respiratory disease. This is referred to as the Covid-19, so Coronavirus disease (dt. Coronavirus Disease). The number 19 refers to the year 2019, by the disease was diagnosed for the first Time. Symptoms include severe lung inflammation.