in mid-March, the Federal Council has controls at the borders of Italy tightened and a little later even to France, Germany and Austria The new border regime in the border guard to the Limit. Therefore, it is supported since Friday by the army.

50 military police officers and a militia battalion is since then the border along, in use, to provide for a longer holding ability of the border guards. Because alone, the Federal customs administration (FCA), which is affiliated to the border guard does not receive the stricter checks at the border and in the Hinterland over a longer time.

military service armed

draws The members of the army work in different areas. Including backup tasks fall sections for passenger transport, support in traffic control, as well as the Monitoring of border crossings, and Terrain. The military personnel is armed with his service.

The servicemen were previously trained for their tasks. The training included, among other things, clearly-defined use – and the rules of conduct and detailed set of skills. So the deployed military can pronounce also Order fines and initiate criminal proceedings. The use is initially limited until the end of June.

Any “unnecessary WKs”

On Tuesday informed the customs administration and the army in Boncourt, JU on the cooperation and the challenges of the mission.

Lieutenant General Aldo C. Schellenberg explained that all of the repetition rates of the army are to be cancelled until the end of June. Except those that it needs for support services – such as for medical services, for the Embassy protection or the support of the border guard and the police. “No unnecessary repetition of courses”, so the foreign exchange. “Reduce to the Max.” So they wanted to relieve the economy, Schellenberg.

The Schellenberg explained that the army guard the border in two areas of support.

first: To the open border crossings, the army helps with the military police at the border control. In General, in a mixed double with a border guard and a military police officer. Secondly, In the intermediate terrain will be observed, stopped, and reported. Here militiamen also be used.

30’500 people to be refused entry

“We rely on the support of the army – in terms of staffing, but also in terms of the air resources of the army,” said FCA Director Christian Bock. “The more forces we have available, the faster we can make the entry, the less the entry of legitimate persons to obstruct it.”

He referred to the guard on the major challenges for the border. Under the tightened border regime 30’500 people had so far been denied entry. “The 3,500 people who have not actually realized that you now prefer to stay at home,” said Bock. In 440 cases, the Affected were fined. In return, were left in 3600 cases, persons in an emergency situation on the border.

Bock also referred to the border violations in the intermediate terrain. So people tried again and again to get to secret paths in Switzerland. The border guards need the army to put in place more controls. “More controls mean more security,” said Bock.

70 percent less passenger traffic

He mentioned for purposes of comparison, the Figures which apply in normal times: Per day, 2.2 million people cross the border, as well as a half a Million vehicles, a 20’car 000-load. 60 to 70 million Swiss francs to the customs administration takes on a daily basis:, motorway vignette, fuel tax, etc.

But then you steer in the Corona-crisis slipped. With significant consequences: In passenger transport the decline at the border is approximately 70 percent. In trade, 11 percent less Import, 20 per cent less Export, 13 percent less transit traffic. “The crisis has also consequences for all of us,” says Bock.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.