Come samorodina life depressing. Virus dry pointed a deadly finger at everyone and pointed out how presidene, redundant, anarchic we existed, how much excess panagiotelis and coined (and do necessary neglected, waved away and otpaivali) — whereas the everyday well-being quite the easiest things…

I put a digest of monologues and remarks that are heard around.

Lyric memory

What life was… And we did not appreciate… Kids went to school. Adults — work.

In the “Forest city” in the country, scooped water with a bucket on a long rattling chain of the bottomless pit — clean, transparent, on the surface danced in the sun’s glare.

a Fabulous small huts — not huts, but Trubchik, with miniature sloping roofs stood on these wells.

In the woods for mushrooms went on the path between the potato and buckwheat fields: the purple flowers of potato and pink flowers of buckwheat was fanned by the dizzying aromas. There was thick, solid hum of the bees, they fly from inflorescence to inflorescence. Now instead of those field — box cloned cottages, forest cut down, buckwheat — deficit.

Five pairs of shoes

— worn down I have five pairs of shoes, walking around the balcony here or there!

— And I, walking in the balcony, felt what it’s like foxes and coyotes in cage zoo.


And even if one’s horoscope warned that the coming invasion of coronavirus!


I Bought a mask for snorkeling. And the sea is not allowed. Upset. And then I realized: to be the best. Medical masks in pharmacies not. Over. Pinned this one. Protects reliable mask!


Freaks masks help reduce the deformity. And I beautiful!


Bought a bunch of stuff. The entire spring collection of the most fashionable brands. As it turned out, nothing but masks and gloves, no need.


a stranger came Up to ask for directions. I shout closer than four meters to me don’t come any closer!


But what about my career, which is exhausting folded for so many years? My house, which spent so much money and now have nothing to keep? My property abroad, there are now not fly…


to me ‘ s, the coronavirus took place for other diseases and were on forty-eighth place. After arthritis and hemorrhoids. Let waiting in the wings!

be Cautious

they Sit tight… I’m Afraid to stick his nose out of the house. From inactivity will die faster than from a virus!


You podsuropili hell. The tanker is poured into the ocean oil, the bacteria grow to eat the disastrous oil film, and pseudocapacitance swallowed the life-giving flora-fauna of the Gulf of Mexico. Injected mice and monkeys unstudied strain, mice run out of the laboratory, monkeys, illiterate watchman sells in the restaurant exotic cuisine. God created the world out of chaos. Poets, artists, architects find in the disorderly jumble naiprochneyshy details stack of these bricks temple of immortality, destroyers meet with Napalm and RDX. Timid, sensitive nature clings to the paintings of Salvador Dali crazy and brilliant masterpieces of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci — springs pristine. The greatest revelation Diderot, Dante, Shakespeare are taught to live harmoniously. But Cassander and Socratic rid of.

General Opinion

No books? No museums? Theatre? Operas and ballets? Nonsense! Can be overcome. And not have something bite — to rebel. Hungry will rush into the streets. The soldiers will refuse to shoot because they do not hold the rifle in the weakened limbs.

the opinion of the thinker

Previously, each had their own fate. Now General: coronavirus.


the Dentist pulled the teeth and part… afraid to implant the implants that can become infected. I’m shaking, how could he not get me sick. There is nothing to chew. Mumbled.


Started repairs. Stripped Wallpaper. And linoleum. And then it hits. Workers waiting for the end of the world, refused to put parquet. Furniture do not sell. Stroymarket closed. Sleep on a cot, eat on the paper.


Bought toilet paper! Wrought with fear! Put full pants! And the brave souls like me how to live without this hygienic necessary?


Told my son to store — empty. Over coronavirus — comes the flood. Subside the flood will fry like eggs out there due to global warming. The son filled the attic. Previously filled the basement. Now the attic. Why not just bought! Beer — drawers! Wine boxes! Well, cereal, pasta, baby food. He said it is assumed the family will grow. Will sit indefinitely. But more than five meters, the water level will not rise. In the attic we shall be saved.