Despite Corona pandemic was opened up to the world famous Bondi Beach of Sydney for a long time. After intense criticism, the authorities have resorted to, however, by and all beaches are closed – also located further South of Coogee Beach.

Two Teenage girls was the beach ban, apparently, couldn’t care less. They went last Sunday, still at the Beach.

Tiktok Video is teenagers for undoing

And not only that – they were filming also, while only a few meters, a police station was a parked car. Undeterred by the police, they circumvented the Barrier and controlled with their towels in Hand on the beach.

Even before the police intervenes, when they left the beach again. Perhaps you banned the beach would have remained-trip unnoticed. However, one of the Teenagers in the shots of the action on the Video platform, the Tiktok.

“ye also, as in Italy?”

The Video viral and triggers prompt a Shitstorm. Many users criticize the Video and some insult for the young women. So a user writes: “A part of me wishes Corona would be for young people to be lethal, just to teach them a lesson.” Another asks the two cynical: “do you Want to end up the same way as in Italy?”

The young people defend themselves against the hostility. With your Video, you wanted to make Fun only, and no one to provoke. “We went down to the beach, but we did not know that the beach is closed”, justifies the two to “Daily Mail”.

A weak excuse. Because the barriers at Coogee Beach, not overlooked to. If the forbidden beach trip for the two consequences, is unclear. (sib)