For Doctors and nurses issued by the Federal Council already exceptions. Now, the think tank Avenir Suisse also brings with it a loosening of the labour law for the logistics and food industry into the game. Thus, the further spread of the Coronavirus, should be made more difficult.

“Social Distancing also means that we need to smooth out the peak times – this is due to a more uniform use of the infrastructure”, says Avenir Suisse employees Marco Salvi to VIEW. “With an expansion of the food supply to seven days per week, you would flatten the customer frequencies. For this, provisions in the labour law must be made more flexible.”

The idea goes even further. Avenir Suisse also brings with it a repeal of the provision on night work into the game. The same time provisions which are not relevant to safety shall apply for the Rest. The goal: The number of employees to distribute on the day. In order to prevent that too many are active at the same time.

shelves in the night

fill up”, So could, for example, in the retail trade during the night the shelves are filled, whereby the customer contact, the employees would be minimized and the customers would not be animated due to half-empty shelves to further hoarding,” says Salvi.

The Mail and package delivery should be included in this special permit. “The implementation of special permits for trucks for trips and deliveries on Sunday needs to be regulated for Switzerland. Currently, cantonal exist different rules, the trucks must travel mostly by several cantons.”

The trade unions such claims go too far. The Syna has criticized this week, the Federal Council for the fact that he has exposed the working and rest time provisions for the hospital staff.

“must be at the expense of the employees”

“The current challenges in the health sector mastered, but not at the expense of the health of employees”, say it in a comment.

“This is also true in the sales industry,” said Syna. “The staff in the retail sector is currently a high workload exposed to and risks in the use of often his health.”

Syna disclaims any and all labour law relaxations. “The current labour law gives retailers plenty of opportunities, an adequate supply of the population with food, while ensuring the protection of the health of the staff.”