The coronacijfers on the Saturday show once again with a notable rise in the number of deaths, infections, and hospital admissions, but the virologists stress that the quantities which are important to stabilize it. “We need to continue to maintain” a voice said at the daily press conference. “The stabilisation is very good news.”

There were 503 new coronapatiënten is included in the Belgian hospital. That is, there have been fewer than in the previous three days. The death toll was at 140, increased to 1.283. There are currently 5.678 coronapatiënten in the hospital, all of whom 1.245, at the department of intensive care. For the 375 patients, there was good news, because they were able to leave the hospital. In total, all of 3.247, people will be released from the hospital.

the beds in intensive care and is now 56 percent occupied.

you can Stabilize

“The number of confirmed infections is rising sharply, but it does not tell us anything about the real evolution,” says virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht. “We’re testing more and more people, and that is why it has to be the rise, and it will likely be for the next few days will continue to rise.”

The numbers who do have something to say, especially in the ziekenhuiscijfers and most of all the pictures. “We can see that the number is stabilizing, and that’s good news. The number continues to be high and the pressure is on hospitals, and will also continue to be very high. The number of deaths remains high and is likely to increase. That is particularly important for people who have two weeks or more ago, it became infected, the measures are effective. We should really keep this up.”

the Streets, do not sanitize

The experts were also given to the question of whether streets are to sanitize, such as in some other countries, is something that makes sense. “We think that this has very little meaning, ” says virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht. Trees, concrete, and asphalt, and are not the source of the virus. The people that do. These products will work, but for a moment, and have a harmful effect on the environment. Ecologically, they are so bad, and the virological and very little makes sense.”

It is, according to the virologist is in order make much more sense to focus on areas to be disinfected. You can think of sound, the buttons, or the rails that a lot of people to touch it. Also, good hand hygiene is observed, it is much more sensible, according to Van Gucht.

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