Dresden Sachsen has output restrictions in connection with the Corona-crisis over the Easter holidays, up to 20. April extended.

the Cabinet of Ministers decided on Tuesday in Dresden. The restrictions are part of a regulation, should make the measures at the same time quite safe, it said. Recently, there had been repeated complaints against the General of the free state. This was since the 18th century. March and was supplemented four days later from the Ministry of social Affairs once again. With the disposal, among other things, the Exit of the apartment was without valid reason and also the visit of the Old and care no more homes allowed.

The number of detected Corona events is in Saxony climbed, meanwhile, to 2084. At the same time, there is in the free state, in the meantime, 13 deaths, 2 more than the previous day, as health Minister Petra Köpping (SPD) said on Tuesday after the Cabinet meeting in Dresden. In the case of the deceased, there were people who were older than 74 years old.

on the previous day, Köpping, and Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), had hopes of a quick end to the restrictions subdued. You must set up a longer period of time, said Kretschmer on Monday. To could only Easter to draw up a balance sheet. “If we want to avoid the Situation as in Italy, we need to discipline ourselves, we must control the increase.” It need patience, discipline and acceptance of these policies: “the principle remains that the best protection is, if we all stay in our apartment – with the people who live there and not out running around.”