A hug, a trip, a dinner in the Restaurant – it’s the little things that many people are happy just if the Worst survived, and the output restrictions are relaxed.

In the social networks people write lists for the time after Corona. And so are your dreams, desires and aspirations:

family and friends

conclusion with Skype and zoom! Grandma in the Arm with the best friend on the Couch chatting – such desires to Express in the social networks currently, a lot of people. But why is the contact via the Internet is falling so hard?

“Because they are our Loved ones. This is clear,” says the sociology Professor Armin Nassehi, Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

“that is great that we now have on the Computer the opportunity to see the other at least, but of course that is something other than the immediate Face-to-Face contact.” The waiver can, however, also have something Good, because maybe some family muffle learns to appreciate the relationship more. Family visits for Easter from now on many.

“these are often situations in which one sees, perhaps, one, two, three Times in the year and this is now. That is, it can’t be missing now, really, where it goes. Before that you would have said: ‘I Would not have to make this family visit’.”

The house

leave to go Whether Traveling or just out on Reddit, many Users are already full of anticipation to leave your own four walls.

“to go to anyone Who has previously raved about it, on the street outside or in a Restaurant? This has been made easy. Now you can not, and now it is at once a great thing,” explains the expert Nassehi the phenomenon.


About too little work has complained against the Corona, most likely, hardly anyone. However, with the many restrictions with the time gained is currently little to start, and for some people, work or the loss of a job go hand in hand Shortly also with existential Concerns. For the desire to work even more speaks.

“of course, It makes a big difference whether I can pursue leisure activities or if I can’t pursue my profession, I live and has not only a financial but also an identity meaning,” says Nassehi.

“The professional version is of course also something that connects you with society. You meet great people and have a task.” Little wonder, then, that Many look forward to seeing you again in the office.

Out and about

Finally back to Billiards, the Chairman of the Schleswig-Holstein SPD, Serpil Midyatli wants to play, according to Corona, as she writes on Twitter, and a musician and actress Angela Peltner dreams on Instagram from a visit to her favorite Japanese Restaurant.

On Reddit people in a Thread, look forward to your choice for the post corona time on live music, concerts and pub crawls. And under the Hashtag #NachCorona can be found next to Visit in the beer garden, cafe or Bar, also Calls for parties and partying.

close feel

Whether holding hands, Snogging, or Sex among the Singles, the anticipation of physical proximity is great as many Users on Reddit.

Because even Flirting or a new Partner is to meet in times of Corona – if at all – only with distance possible.

in addition to many of the somewhat less in-depth comments on the subject a User is writing on Reddit that he’s been waiting to confess a work colleague, finally, the feelings.

everyday life encounters

“We realize now how much our everyday life is that we have to do it with different people, and that we live in a sense of superficial contacts,” says sociologist Nassehi.

This is something we criticize otherwise like. “But in the Moment you realize, how exhausting life is, if there is no superficial contacts, such as at work, on the road or in transport.”


‘t stay any change is bad and Reddit Users want, that some of the new feature remains also after the crisis.

Including: flexibility in the home office, less crowds at the supermarket checkout, cases by telephone, thorough Hygiene and card payments even when bakers write.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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