Currently, the spread of the highly infectious Sars-CoV is forcing-2 Virus, people to all sorts of restrictions and changes.

To further infections with Covid to prevent the 19, remain the shops and facilities that ensure the basic supply of the population, continue to be closed.

Through these various measures, are isolated a lot of German, currently in your own four walls completely.

Nevertheless, some things in everyday life continue to be allowed – and this not only for each lot of distractions, but also protect against an impending cabin fever.

Corona is forcing people to big changes,

The global situation on the basis of the novel is forcing many people to significant changes in their everyday life.

Who these days has the option of staying home, working from the home office and reduced his social contacts to a Minimum.

By measures such as these experts, virologists, scientists, and co. hope for a quick containment of the infections, the normality to bring back quickly.

Despite these restrictions, should you get stuck on any case premature the head in the Sand – some things remain in spite of the current crisis to continue to allow, offer a welcome variety and can contribute to society’s General well-being.

These are the things you must in spite of Corona continues to be a company

Who allowed between quarantine, prohibition of Contact and hamster purchases time back to Routine and normality longs should now see a particularly good – some of the leisure activities remain a surprising way.

1. Drive-in cinema

sports, cultural and entertainment facilities were forced to close in the past few days, their doors, including cinema count.

Various streaming services such as Netflix and co. here is a quick workaround for the home and also have in times before the Corona is a kind of film viewing in oblivion – the drive-in cinema.

Now, this Company could celebrate, however, a surprising Comeback, because some of them may open in times of Corona-pandemic under strict rules and regulations in fact, and movies in the Free show. to enjoy

this option may not be located in the car, however, more than two people, Tickets are only available in advance, and Snacks must be brought from home.

2. To believe blood donations

Hardly, but it’s true – who wants to do these days, something Good may still have to go donate blood.

According to the blood donation service of the Bavarian Red cross blood donation dates do not fall in the output and limitations of the Event – experts advise even donations to further the blood.

Who’s healthy and fit, should so participate, in good conscience, to the bluspende dates and so save lives – regardless of Covid-19 are needed, according to information from the German Red cross West, alone in the supply area of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland, every day around 3,500 blood donations, the supply of patients to ensure.

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3. Sports

Although clubs and fitness studios during the corona crisis closed, but the daily round of Jogging, the Workout in the garden or on the balcony is not the Virus in the way.

of Course, are also in mind here are some things to – on Jogging in groups you should avoid, for example, and contact to other people to avoid. Here, too, the safety distance of two meters is observed.

During the Corona of a pandemic, the following applies: Sport is healthy, strengthens the immune system and clears the mind. The best you choose, but running routes and workout places where you can be alone sweating.

as Long as it is for on the go, doing sports and so even the health.

4. Gardening

Especially in times of Isolation, the garden is a beautiful retreat. In addition, the body does good fresh air, because the spring sun provides him with Vitamin D.

Despite the current limitations, one must enter his private garden, him, to beautify or just relax – this is not true in the majority of cases, for the leased-in a small garden, although it is all too often close to our house.

caution should apply when it comes to the temptation with its neighbors to exchange – here should be the safety distance and respected respected.

Who doesn’t have a garden, you can also prepare your balcony for spring and summer season and here’s to relaxing hours in the fresh air, spend.

5. Change

The old apartment is terminated, the new ready to move in. Despite the current measures, may take place of the planned move, in most cases, actually.

as Long as it allows for the curfew, is allowed to move quite. Due to the contact prohibition, one should select with care, who provide assistance in furniture transportation and co..

breathe out, can also the ones that leave transportation to a moving company. Because furniture trucking companies have a duty of Carriage, as soon as you have accepted a job – this also applies during Corona.

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