Finally came a glimmer of hope: As Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga (59) together with the Federal councillors Alain Berset (48, SP), Guy Parmelin (60, SVP) on Wednesday in front of the press, announced the social Democrat, that the drastic measures for the suppression of Corona-would be eased pandemic towards the end of the month, at least a little. Under the condition that the contagions in the height fast.

But the good news stood in contrast to the extraordinary session of the government only a few hours earlier. Health Minister Berset, for weeks almost non-stop, against the Virus, stayed away on the morning of the Meeting. Instead, the Freiburg dodged to the handset of the telephone. Reason: Berset had on the Morning of a medical Test. A Person from his Department was tags been previously tested positive for the Coronavirus. Most recently, she met Berset on Friday of last week, in compliance with the required spacing rules.

Vice-Chancellor confirmed Test

Vice-Chancellor and Federal Council spokesman André Simonazzi (51) confirmed the facts of the case: “in fact, it was so that Mr Federal councillor Berset underwent on Wednesday morning of a Test and, therefore, a part of the Federal Council meeting by phone was switched off.” As the negative test result, have taken part in translations of “back to normal” at the meeting. This was about noon of the case.

The Federal Council divisions have for years on various systems for sharing. In the current case, a new System had been used and this also works well, continues Simonazzi.

The Vice-Chancellor does not say, but also: “He was the first Federal Council, which has been tested in the past few weeks, and will probably not be the last.”

Maurer belongs to the risk group of

As a 69-Year-old Federal councillor Ueli Maurer (SVP) belongs to the risk group. Which members are tested, the state government, will not, however, communicated so Simonazzi. And No Minister is ill. The meeting on Wednesday was somewhat special, as yet not a member only by telephone your contributions to the oriented.

The Federal Council is prepared, in times of crisis, the business of government to continue. Each of the the Bundesrat is the Deputy of another. A Minister falls, it is already clear who will take over his business temporarily.

A rule in the cantons: the end of March, infected with the Aargauer SP-state councillor, Urs Hofmann (63), in which SVP cantonal councillor Jean-Pierre Gallati (53) as a Deputy stepped in. Hofmann was able to leave the hospital now.

more Dramatic is the situation in the UK is. There, the conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson (55) fell ill, at times he was even in the ICU. In the short term, his Deputy had to step in, the foreign Minister, Dominic Raab (46). How far is Raab’s authority and competences, but is controversial.