It is a small hope glimmers: The Federal office for health (BAG) announced on Monday morning, 552 new Corona cases, significantly less than in the previous days. It looks that way, as the dramatic Lockdown of the Federal Council on 16 would. March had imposed, show first success.

at the same time politics and the economy increase the pressure to loosen the measures and return to normalcy. On Wednesday, the Federal Council will discuss with the trade associations about possible exit scenarios.

normality, there is only a vaccination

One thing is already clear: normality – a life as it was before the Corona-crisis – will there be first with a vaccine. When this is present, is in the stars. It could take until next spring.

But as long the Lockdown will not work, neither economy nor society would get through this. Like other States, the Federal Council is working on a strategy, with which the Lockdown loosened can be. When this is possible, depends on the development of the pandemic.

preparation phase: The Numbers need to get down!

you must First decrease the number of daily new Infections continue. Fixed Pay hardly wants to call someone. The Swiss epidemiologist Marcel Salathé (42), a member of the used Corona task force, says: it is Only when the Infections had fallen to a depth of three-digit or better still, a two-digit number, would be responsible for a loosening.

German epidemiologists have called for Germany to change the number 200. Because only then you can keep track of the infection chains in each case and the spread contain. In addition, the number of new Infections must be so deep that the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed when suddenly there is, however, more serious cases. But when it all arrives: what could it look Like easing at all?

a VIEW has spoken with experts to beantorten to this question. From 0 to 100 it is not – as all agree. The return to normality must take place gradually. The Federal Council has also during the retreat from the Lockdown on the prevention of anteckung herds, would be the following scenario in five phases possible:

First, schools could be re-opened, albeit reduced. So you could halve the size of the Class and the utmost respect for hygiene rules – the children in the same composition two days a week teaching. Firstly, it would be missing the children so much school, and, secondly, the parents would be relieved. In the Canton of St. Gallen is already thinking of at least learning-weak children in small groups to teach. Children also play in the further dissemination of the Virus to a less important role than in the case of a flu epidemic, as a new study from England shows.DIY stores and garden centres open their doors, but also the very reduced. The hygiene rules of the Federal government to comply with, you need to channel the customer-flows. It would be conceivable to sign in customers and a specific time window assigned to receive, in the hardware store are allowed to enter. With the General call to stay at home, could the agree. After all, the people would beautify their gardens and balconies.With certain accompanying measures, it should also be possible to relax the home office Regime gradually. So that the workers – to work analog-to-school-children – variety of ways in the office.Also, the administrations would re-open.The public transport is offering more and more Connections to transport the commuters, without that it comes to crowded trains and buses. The call to stay at home, is taken back. If the inner cities re-fill, can open more business doors: fashion boutiques, books stores, toys stores, Department stores. Probably, the number of customers would also be limited here as there currently is in the grocery stores. An Opening makes also only sense, if the people feel in the Public safer. The coming re-opening command set by the Federal Council to early, threatened by a new danger: Then the stores would have to use your staff again, had but little revenue, because customers are missing. This could lead to redundancies. The situation remains stable, it could also open the Restaurants. According to Casimir Platzer (58), President of the industry Association, Gastrosuisse, would be to imagine that, initially, a permitted number of people per square meter would be defined, so that the spacing rules are met. Service opportunities could be found to prevent contagions. An inlet control, the presence of at-risk groups to exclude, not of the question for him. “The host is not able to play police.” It is clear for him: A protective masks Mandatory for Restaurants to be a Problem. “With protective masks and are hard to eat and drink.”Also Hotels, cinemas, and theatre could open in this Phase again – with restrictions.
In a next step, you should probably open those service providers who have contact with a very narrow customer: barbers, massage therapists, beauty salons and nail studios.Probably Bars will have to wait for so long. Gastrosuisse chief Platzer assumes “that the dining-restaurants may open earlier than Bars or Clubs. For it is there that the Social Distancing is very difficult to implement.”Perhaps it is in this Phase, it is even possible to travel to other European countries – if the other States in the Corona-fight for success and are ready to open their borders. Football matches, concerts at the indoor stadium, trade fairs, such Events are likely to be the last people the Federal Council permits again. Large-scale events of this type were eventually banned first. Experts believe that this year will be no Event of this kind takes place.Also flights to the other end of the world will certainly not be any longer possible.

when it starts to return to normality? The white-currently no one. To on 16. April wants to be able to say to the Federal Council, how to go on. Take the hints from the health Minister Alain Berset (47) serious, will certainly not begun before the end of April with relaxations. And even then, only when hope do the end of Trend in new Infections is continuing.

These measures to the second shaft to prevent

In the case of the Corona the experts in Bern is the fear: Is loosened the Lockdown only once, it must come not to a second virus wave.

in order for that not to happen, could be arranged in various accompanying measures. “Anyone who has even slight symptoms, must be able to make a Test before he goes back to work,” urges epidemiologist Marcel Salathé (42) in the “NZZ”. However, it requires plenty of Corona-Tests . At the beginning of the crisis in Switzerland is scarce. Now the Situation has improved. That sufficient Tests are available, is likely to be a prerequisite for a relaxation.

show whether someone was already infected and now immune. The Corona is the more important, because many people have no or only mild symptoms. With immunity certificates healed people could lead a sort of normal life: working, going out, family members meet. However, In most of the Tests can not be excluded, that you play also with antibodies to other coronaviruses.

help, thanks to mobile phone

With a App the infection chain can be traced more precisely. As many people as possible to register. As soon as someone feels the symptoms, he reports in the App’s isolated himself and is called up to the Test. Is positive, will be alerted via the App, all that this Person came in the last two weeks to close. You should then also test for and isolate. The data is encrypted and anonymized. Similar Apps which work with Bluetooth technology have been used in Asia, as of Thursday, such a Corona-App of the Red cross in Austria for the first time.

universities and Tech companies, including ETH Zurich and University of Lausanne, to develop a Europe-wide uniform Protocol for such an App. Part of the Zurich-based software developer Ubique, has also programmed the SBB App. Technically it was very far, confirmed Matthias Egger (63), President of the scientific task force of the Federal government. It needs clarification from the Federal government, among other things, on the topic of privacy. The use of the App should be in accordance with Egger on a voluntary basis.

the mask of duty Come from?

Almost like a mantra repeated Daniel cook (64) from the Federal office of public health on almost every media conference: “It’s not proven that face masks bring an extra level of protection.” But the science is divided. The German Robert Koch Institute recommends the use of the precautionary Wearing of mouth protection in the Public.

For a Mask according to the Lockdown, it would take up to four million masks per day, writes of the “Tages-Anzeiger” and refers to an ETH study. So many there are not in Switzerland yet. If Switzerland can continue to shop enough masks from abroad, could be a required Carry , at least for single groups of people, on the subject. Tobias Bruggemann, Lorenz Keller