“There are no words to describe my pain,” said Sandy Brown of the “Detroit News”. The woman from Michigan experienced in the last few weeks, your personal nightmare. The Coronavirus took her successively her husband and her only son.

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to arrive As Sandy Brown in the hospital, her husband already dead

The Test brought certainty: Freddie Brown Jr. had been infected with the Coronavirus. Due to a conducted in 2012, Kidney transplant, he was one of the Riskogruppe. 22. March of the breath then continued complaints and the staff of the hospital prepared Brown Jr. to connect a ventilator.

But Sandy Brown fought back, because you knew that you had to put your man in a state of artificial coma. Brown Jr. even his wife reassured on the phone. “I’m fine”, he said, was called by his wife “Honey”. “It will only take a couple of days.” That was the last Time the two talked to each other.

On the 26. March at 1:19 PM called to the hospital at Sandy Brown, and asked her to come immediately. When she arrived there, was your husband already dead. Before his lung was collapsed. But the Virus was still omnipresent for the woman who had just become a widow.

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Because of Covid-19: To the father, also the son of Freddie Brown, III. must be in the clinic

Because of the high risk of Infection from Covid-19 was not allowed to say goodbye to Brown personally from her husband. But she fought because she wanted to touch her Honey one last Time. “I’m going in this room. I don’t care what I have to do. I’ll sign whatever I need to sign.” Brown put on a smock, safety glasses and gloves, pulled a Mouth guard and entered the room to say good-bye.

As Sandy Brown and her son, Freddie III, still your husband and father mourned, appeared the Virus a second Time into the life of the family. With Asthma preloaded son started to cough and got fever. “It was the same noise as in the case of my husband,” said Sandy Brown to “NBC”.

she drove her son to the hospital, where he after a day started to feel better. But then the state of Freddie III. and his body changed, it became increasingly weaker. The hospital called Sandy Brown and asked her the same question as a few days earlier: How fast you could be in the clinic? facebook.com/sandy.brown.353 Freddie Brown III. in the hospital. His mother, Sandy Brown, shared the picture after his death.

Sandy Brown speaks for the whole night with her son – a day later he is dead

leads immediately to the hospital and talked the whole night via Facetime with her son, because she wasn’t allowed to be personal with him. Sandy Brown recited from the Bible, sang spiritual songs, but it didn’t help. A day later Freddie Brown passed away in III. of the consequences of Covid-19.

“In three days I lost my husband and my son by an ugly disease,” said Sandy Brown later. “I watched as my son lost it within three days of his life.” She even shows no symptoms of the Coronavirus, although she had with her husband and son contact. facebook.com/sandy.brown.353 A picture from happy times: Sandy Brown (l.) and husband Freddie Brown Jr.

is to grieve Together, allowed only by a glass door

But the impact of the Virus felt Sandy Brown in their grief. Friends and relatives who wanted to give her comfort, could not let into the house, not in the Arm. The food they had brought, placed it on a table in the Garage. Through a closed glass door cried Sandy Brown with your friends and Relatives.

“is It so hard to get through it with the Knowledge that I can’t be there for my family,” said her goddaughter, Cassandra Dukes. Sandy Brown is in mourning, Holding in their Faith.

“The medical science, I should be traumatized,” she said. “I have twice had a traumatic experience. I should beat my head against the wall. But God said no. I stand here in the strength of the Lord, not in my own strength. God has brought me.”

“watch me. And I’m going to need.”

Still, Sandy Brown argues that she is not allowed to bury her husband and son in the usual manner. “It seems so unfair. I can’t allow you to even have a normal funeral,” she said. “I have to place instead of in a Box and put them in a hole.”

After her husband died, spoke to Sandy Brown, with son Freddie III., that his father now from the top to the both of you watching. After her son died, she now has two guardian angels. “You watch me,” said Sandy Brown, as they said goodbye to their family at the coffins. “And I’m going to need. I’m going to need it.” Covid-19 survived: neighbors applaud 100-Year-old on the balcony PCP Covid-19 survived: neighbors applaud 100-Year-old on the balcony