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Corona-Drama in Potsdam, clinic rejects RKI-proposal

Despite a proposal by the Robert Koch-Institut, the Potsdam miners hospital is not a “Corona hospital” should be. However, have spoken out in the city, according to the “RBB”. Targeted transfers from Covid-19-patients in the hospital were not provided, so a city spokesman said on Easter Monday.

In the hospital there is currently a high number of critical Corona cases, so far, have died there 28 people to the Virus, reports the “Potsdam New messages”. A large part of the dead should have been first infected in the hospital. The RKI, which has been examining the hospital at the request of the city, expects in the near future with a “high number of severe cases with Intensive care and Ventilation liability”. According to the report, the extent of the Corona is outbreak as well as the grievances and the consequences of the crisis in the hospital is far greater than has been publicly acknowledged. The RKI had proposed to make from the miners hospital of a pure Corona-the hospital – also to other relieve the burden on hospitals. Reuters/Christophe Gateau/dpabild A shield in front of the Ernst-von-Bergmann clinic.

Against three senior Doctors and two managing Directors has ordered the city administrative offense procedures. Background of the violation of the medical reporting requirements. The procedures had been handed over to the Prosecutor’s office to clarify that no criminal offences are present.

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