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In the sheltered Sacred Heart of Oudenaarde at the eight residents coronabesmettingen be determined in a single section. “The situation is under control,” said the mayor Marnic De Meulemeester (Open VLD). “All the necessary measures have been taken for the eight residents still stay in the care home, no-one has to go to the hospital, and the department will be fully closed off from the rest of the senior home.”

at the Beginning of this week’s test is an employee’s positive for the corona virus. At that time, there were no sick, the residents in that section, but in such a situation, it is in the course of the week, it all changed. “As a result of the positive test result, the staff, people steekproefgewijs be checked,” said De Meulemeester. “On Saturday, there was the case of the eight infected residents. They are all in the same section, and show very little symptoms at all. No-one has been brought to the hospital.”

in the Meantime, with the safety cell of the police zone Flemish Ardennes, in the us, just as the Agency for Health Care which previously has been advised of the positive test result with the employee. “It’s sheltered and took it immediately, is in itself already quite a bit of action, both for the local residents, as well as to the employees,” the mayor continued.

“we will immediately also have a lot of cushioning material on the ground, such as aprons and face shields, where the face is completely protected, and the residents and staff are protected. And the collaboration is going well. There are currently no other ill employees. The infection affects a single department at the senior home, which has been put into quarantine and sealed off from the rest of the senior home to prevent further spread of the virus from entering the system.”