on the Eve of elections the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated the need for amending the country’s Constitution. In April, he reported that the new version of the Basic law will appear in the next five years, now – two years later. The prospect of changes to the Belarusian Constitution, we asked a local analyst.

by the Way, earlier with the initiative to return to the Constitution of the sample of 1994 were made by potential opponents of Lukashenko in the presidential elections Victor Babariko.

it is Clear that the incumbent does not intend to return to the wording of the Constitution of 1994, which itself was once abolished. Most interesting is that, judging by the words of Lukashenka to change the Constitution he wants, but does not know how.

Today he said that he was offered several variants of the text of the new Basic law, but they are not satisfied. “Several options already offered me, but they do not fit. People are just afraid to make more drastic changes to the Constitution. I think we need to do,” – said the Belarusian President. According to him, he intends to hand over power down: to empower the local government to the chairmen of district Executive committees and governors.

Belarusian political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets believes that in this way Lukashenka is trying to increase your ranking, but real change he will never go. “More than a year ago, he announced a change in the Constitution, but no action since then did not happen. He is well aware that his reputation in the country undermined, and the rating of support is close to zero.

In these circumstances he’s trying to promise the citizens that if elected for another five years, he will make those changes. But there is a suspicion that this issue will be delayed for another five years and towards the end of the 4 year reign, he will once again promise to change the Basic law. He has this play with voters” – said the expert.

According to him, one of the main problems remains the lack of independence of Parliament, which restricts himself his composition. “These people are actually appointed Lukashenka to expect from this part some action is meaningless. There are no people who are able to create interesting projects. The same applies to the government, because all powers are concentrated in the hands of Lukashenko.

In all this rhetoric should be seen as demagoguery and an attempt to reduce tension in the society. Especially now launched a civil initiative to collect signatures for amendment of the Constitution. About 15 thousand people have expressed a desire to take part in collecting signatures for the return of the Constitution of 1994, where the powers of the President were reduced. Of course, nobody will allow to hold this referendum. But Lukashenko decided to play on this thread, he’s trying to reassure societies�� that supposedly has everything under control. For a real change he will never go.”