Contagious ally

it is Known that Washington has 800 military facilities in the territory of 70 countries around the world. On these bases on a rotational basis deployed from 160 to 200 thousand US troops, the number of cases COVID-2019 among which seem to be increasing exponentially. At least, such conclusion can be drawn from the adopted in early April by the Pentagon’s decision to classify detailed data on the spread of coronavirus infection among the soldiers “for reasons of operational security”. “We won’t reveal the total number of individual cases (of infection) in specific units, bases or commands,” said April 1, the official representative of the defence Department of the USA Alyssa Farah. Even earlier – in mid – March- the Pentagon has banned its employees stationed in the throes of a pandemic coronavirus countries, all trips in the United States. Exceptions to the rotation is allowed only in exceptional cases. The question arises, why was this done? Obviously, in order not to bring the infection home, “the metropolis” where to this time have become ill 735 thousand Americans, and 39 thousand were killed.

given the fact that only the most affected by the pandemic COVID-2019 Italy stationed 12 thousand soldiers “uncle Sam”, and in fighting the epidemic of coronavirus Germany, all 35 thousand, it is easy to imagine the degree of penetration of the disease into the ranks of the American troops. Indicative in this regard was mass infection of the crew of the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”, which coronavirus infection found in more than 600 sailors and officers. Officially, the U.S. Department of defense currently confirmed death from the disease, only 19 of its soldiers.

But if you remember about mathematical models predict pandemic, scientists-virologists and to take into account the lack of transparency in the Pentagon regarding the extent of the epidemic in the U.S., serious questions must arise among those countries that voluntarily or involuntarily “sheltered” American troops on its territory. Thus, only in the middle East deployed more than 60 thousand American military, among them 14 thousand in Afghanistan for 13 thousand in Qatar and Kuwait, 7 thousand in Bahrain, on 5 thousand in Iraq and UAE, about 3 thousand in Jordan. In the event of a serious outbreak of a pandemic in such “limited contingent” is not difficult to imagine that the whole burden will fall on national health systems of these countries, already busy with their own patients atypical infection.