but the Russian Consul in Belarus, Kirill Pletnev said that the version of law enforcement of the Republic of detainees being 33 Russians implicated in conspiring with the Belarusian opposition leader and blogger, far-fetched and invalid. He also said that Russian diplomats managed to meet with the detainees, who are accused of preparing mass riots.

The statements of the authorities of Belarus about the fact that the detained Russians were in collusion with the previously arrested Belarusian oppositionist Nikolay Statkevich and blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, far-fetched and invalid. This opinion was expressed by the Consul of the Russian Embassy in Belarus, Kirill Pletnev, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“In particular, I would like to mention that this is on the deliberate actions of a group of persons on preliminary arrangement and together with Tikhanovski Statkevich, which, in our opinion, is absolutely false and invalid position”, — said Pletnev, saying that Russian diplomats got a copy of the decision on application of measures of restraint in form of detention.

According to him, the document was presented to each detainee Russian. The Consul believes that it speaks of “biased actions of the Belarusian authorities”. Pletnev also said that representatives of Russia in Belarus were able to meet with the detained Russians.

Thus he Sergei tikhanovski, “with great surprise accepted” information about what it is accused of communications with the Russians, said his wife, the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski.

“The news that the Belarusian television shows him as a person that is related to the detained “rebels” from Russia, and that “Country for life” allegedly worked under the control of a Russian political technologist Shklyarov, Sergey learned with great surprise. He are the facts of his biography are unknown,” — she wrote on his page in Facebook, speaking about the reaction of her husband on “inciting against him for two more articles and information about him on Belarusian TV”.

Tikhanovski and his supporters were detained in late may after the picket in Grodno. He is involved in the case on “the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order”. Later in the IC of Belarus reported that it filed two more cases against bloggers: due to calls to violent actions against law enforcement officers and in fact preparations for mass riots.

In a criminal case about preparation of mass riots of 33 Russian. They were detained near Minsk on the night of July 29. The investigation believes that they are “foreign militants a private company, “Wagner”. First, against them criminal case about preparation of terrorist acts for which they could face up to 20 l��t imprisonment.

Russian Ambassador Dmitry Mezentsev earlier reported that the detainees were in Belarus officially. At the border they showed the guards their papers, which give rise to conduct working activities in the territory of the Republic.

As noted by the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the defendants are employees of a private security company. They were in Belarus in transit and missed the flight, which was delayed in the country. The same information was confirmed in the foreign Ministry of Russia, stating that compatriots were sent to Istanbul and they had all the necessary documents, including tickets. Logistics, according to the foreign Ministry, provided the Belarusian company.

a Kremlin spokesman said that Moscow has no information about any illegal actions of the detainees.

About this incident, in particular, it is known the head of Russia Vladimir Putin. The day before he held a meeting with permanent members of the security Council. On it participants of the meeting expressed the hope that in the near future this story will become clearer, and unreasonably detained the Russian citizens freed, RIA “Novosti”.

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the accusations of the Belarusian law enforcement authorities against the Russians that they had attempted to “intervene” in the Affairs of the Republic outside the eve of elections to cause confusion. The diplomats are confident that the odious interpretation of the Minsk detention of Russians do not stand up to scrutiny.