Confirmed the first case of death by meteorite

Scientists from Turkey and the United States found the first evidence of death of the person from the fall of the meteorite. Article researchers published in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

According to the documents found in the Directorate of state archives under the President of the Turkish Republic, the incident occurred on August 22, 1888. A meteorite that entered the Earth’s atmosphere in a ball of fire at 20:30 local time, killed one person and paralyzed another in Sulaymaniyah (Iraq). In a text written in Ottoman language, refers to “rain” of stones, which struck the village and damage the crops, which indicates the impact of the shock wave.

Still was not aware of the death of one person from falling of a celestial body, despite the fact that the dangerous incidents occurred several times. So, in 1954 a meteorite crashed through the roof of the house in the us state of Alabama and wounded a woman named Ann Hodges, who received severe injury and was hospitalized. It was also reported on the fall of celestial bodies on children in East Africa and in the United States, which also led to serious harm to health.

Scientists believe that there may be similar historical evidence, which may be referred to the victim from falling celestial bodies. At the moment the documents written in languages other than English, is not well known and there are few specialists working on their English translation.

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