Coronakrisen raging, and we danes are not just up in, and how we fit in. We go in the level up in, on the other behaves properly, and we keep an eye on each other’s behaviour – also the celebrity.

And among the best-known danes, the crisis has also shown several examples of what one could call ‘corona-communication style’. It may well be that all we mortals also jokker around a bit in the spinach, but it has quite different consequences when famous people put their stunts up on social media, or the media get wind of it.

I have seen a little more closely at some of the most unfortunate cases.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Our former prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has repeatedly been in focus in the press and on social media for his lack of public spirit.

First she got cut in order to return home from an entrepreneur event in Spain without going into quarantine. One of the participants had also been tested positive down there, but Helle Thorning-Schmidt travelled anyway between Denmark and the united kingdom immediately after returning home.

Then jokkede Helle Thorning-Schmidt and, not least, her English husband, Stephen Kinnock, even a walk in the spinach, when they took over kinnock’s father’s house, celebrated his birthday and posted photos on social media, where they sat a safe distance.

It was enough for the police to quickly rebuked the couple for having broken the English curfew and made an unnecessary journey. Finally, it also came to light that one of the companies, where Helle Thorning sits in the board of directors has chosen to postpone its payment obligations towards its suppliers, so that they must now wait even longer to get their money. Not a matter of the greatest public spirit.

We must hope that Helle Thorning-Schmidt is doing better through the rest of the crisis.

Pione Sisto

When the mid-footballer Pione Sisto, who is a professional footballer in the Spanish club Celta, after the crisis are going home to Spain again, to the point that every night both fine and earful.

Although the director had asked all players to be in Spain, selected Sisto namely, to sit in his car and driving the 2,800 miles back home to Denmark. Even if you are a dane, you must show the citizenship of the country you live in, may Sistos learn be.

Anders Holch Povlsen

The top owner of the Bestseller group, Anders Holch Povlsen, don’t get any points for his public spirit in these days. It is pouring in with criticism of the man who first fired 750 of its employees in Denmark and then topped it with not wanting to pay the rent. Best seller-owner has been accused of taking against the government’s stimulus packages without even to contribute something from his huge personal pengetank. Sunday said Anders Holch Povlsen, however, sorry, turned on a dime and would now have to pay rent anyway – a sign on that one in the Bestseller good to know that you fejlvurderede the situation. Regardless of what you think about his behavior, so it is something of a fall from the peaks of the Danish national manager.

Sofie Linde

Even the ultrapopulære tv host Sofie Linde managed to be unpopular among its fans because of the lack of public spiritedness. As the prime minister at the famous press conference proclaimed that Denmark closed down, sad Sofie Linde and ate dinner at a restaurant in Copenhagen with television host Petra Nagel.

despite the fact that Mette Frederiksen expressly asked the danes not to hoard, threw the two tv-hosts, what they had in their hands, and hurried in the supermarket. Then posed the jauntily with it all on social media. It should not do. It developed into a real shitstorm, and Sofie Linde removed quickly lookup and apologized many times.

When something like this can happen to everybody’s Sofie Linde, so it happens to all of us.

Finally, there is Thailand’s king. He has put himself in isolation in Germany, where he was staying at an otherwise coronaramt hotel in Bavaria with the staff and 20 mistresses, until the crisis is over. It may well be that he does not become popular in Thailand for it here. But he is now probably don’t care.

Beware of yourselves out there.

Anna Thygesen

Anna Thygesen is the communications adviser and owner of WeDo Communication, as well as a panelist in programme ‘What we are talking about’.