Michael Jones, Coleen Nolan’s boyfriend, has spoken out in defense of her during the Loose Women controversy. Reports claimed that Coleen was acting high and mighty’ while on set.

Michael described the rumours as ‘frustrating’, and Col explained that it was the exact opposite of what they had claimed.

Michael only said to OK that their first joint shoot was “really frustrating” because she had to explain situations that had nothing to do.

He said, “The frustrating thing is that you couldn’t find a more loving person.” She is so kind and down-to earth.

Coleen intervened to say that she had been involved in a feud along with Nadia Sawalha, and Stacey Solomon. This was the first time she’d seen Michael upset in their relationship.

She laughed and said, “It’s horrible.” “It’s the first time in seven years that Michael has been not calm!”

Michael continued to back up Coleen’s cast members who have been supporting her since the story became public.

It’s absurd. “I’ve been to Loose Women, and everyone says the same thing – that she’s the most pleasant person to work with,” he stated.

Reports seem to be the only problem in the otherwise happy couple’s relationship. They met initially on Tinder dating app. Since then, they have all met their children and get along like a family.

Michael exclaimed, “Everybody has been fantastic,” and praised their blended family, which includes Coleen’s sons, Shane Jr. 33, Jake, 29 and Coleen’s daughter Ciara, 20. She shares her second husband Ray Fensome with Ciara.

Coleen has a 20-year-old son named Nico from a past relationship with Michael.

She said, “Michael is a brilliant son.” He’s now part of our family. He is 6ft 4in tall and I call him Baby Nico, even though he is only 20!