of Course, it’s not in the fence, and that skiers, famously knocking the old wooden structure, I saw a skinny, short girl Lena Trubitsyna. No one could not think that years will pass and this girl shake before the Foundation of the world skiing. Her performance at the world championship in 1997 in the Norwegian city of Trondheim will be the sensation athlete will win all five gold medals, and the Western press respectfully call it Blow from the East. Meanwhile, this girl heats the stove, feed the pigs and dreams of his own skis to run, how fast these guys from the ski section, which has to fix the fence.

the fate of the celebrated skier Elena Vyalbe – before marriage Trubitsyna says feature film “snow White”, the shooting of which recently ended in the Murmansk region.

– Once it became clear that this story has many emotions, says the film’s Director Nikolai Khomeriki. It’s always interesting to make a film about a woman especially of such as Elena Vyalbe. In the film, many athletes-skiers, stand-in acting Actresses, here everything is real. Skiers are a special breed. They are direct and honest, as their skis. And as pure as white snow, on which they run.

the heroine Herself is also present at the stadium “tirvas” in Kirovsk, which at the time turned in Trondheim 1997. And then she glimpsed in the crowd of extras, alternates, and members of the crew, who are eager to be photographed with a celebrity. How is a person, who during his life became a legend and make a movie directly in front of him?

– Yes, I feel no different. Rather, I feel the same as you or any other person, – the sportswoman speaks. – You know, I was brought up in the Soviet Union, those ideals and values. We little thought of reward, for us it was important to achieve the result that the country was proud of us. By the way, in those days in the big money sports does not pay. There was only regalia, medals, cups. By the way, I had a mascot – a dime’s worth of coin, which I put under the insole in the Shoe. It’s a superstition, of course. You have to believe in God, not in signs. But what to do, the athletes are superstitious. Someone told me that the coin brings happiness. Another one of our ski signs – ski trail should not cross the protein, otherwise the victory is not in sight. But to me it, fortunately, the road never ran.

oddly enough, in childhood, Elena was a sickly child. She often had a cold, she always hurt the ears. It seemed that she was very far from sport: studied singing and sang in the school choir and dreamed of having my own piano. Quarrel with the coach of the ski section, whose wards were regularly dropped the fence at her house. But one day the coach asked Elena and her friend to start doing it with��of reconstruction. Girlfriend asked him: “And ski wax do you have?” They were interested in the “Temp” Sverdlovsk production, which children used instead of modern chewing gum. Each jar of ointment bore the teeth marks of young athletes.

Lena Suddenly opened a huge talent skier, coupled with the iron perseverance and ability to work. Already in the eleven years she participated in competitions in the national team of juniors of the Magadan region. In twelve first visited the competitions in Romania. Then she decided to go to the sport and to win. In thirteen years, Lena received the first silver medal in the USSR championship, at fourteen he became a master of sports, and at nineteen she won the world championship in 1987 among juniors in Italy.

In the same year, she married an Estonian Urmas Vyalbe, and bare a son Franz. By the way, his godfather was the coach of the athletes Victor Tkachenko.

Franz was born in November, and a month later I took him to the Krasnogorsk ski track, remembered Elena. The girls wore it in the locker room on his hands and I ran to the podium to watch the race.

But sport is sport. My son she happened infrequently. With her husband she divorced when Franz was a year old. The boy was raised by his grandmother,and later Franz to fourteen years lived in his father’s family. The mother continued on its successful path on a sports Olympus. In 1989 Elena Vyalbe at the world championship in Finland in the national team won two gold and silver. There were many other victories. In 1997, the name of Elena Vyalbe has thundered for the whole world: after the championship in Trondheim the Norwegian king gave her five gold medals and was named the girl “the likeness of the goddess Nike, winning always and in everything.”

cross-country Skier became the first in the world fourteen times world champion, only 20 years later, in 2017, this record was broken Marit Bergen. In 2010 Vyalbe became President of the Federation of ski races of Russia. And holds this position to this day.

the Movie “snow White”, according to the athlete, it turns out as accurate as possible. Using stand-ins is not limited. To fully dive into the specifics of skiing, the Actresses had to train and even to arrange small competition. According to athletes, it is impossible to play skier in the race, if not to experience in reality this lump in my throat before the competition.

in Addition to talent, superior quality ski professional will, says Julia Barykina playing in the film, a German skier. Everything that happens in the life of an athlete must be focused on one goal – victory. Skiing is one of the most difficult: in addition to the huge physical exertion, athletes are constantly in the cold, and the women here have a harder time than men. Moreover, the realI motivation to achieve superior results that can not be external. It is only from the inside. The athlete who acts from a narrow, selfish, mercenary motives, are not able to win a really big win. There is no difference between the athletes of different countries: each of them life is subordinate to the desire to win. Athletes are very “heavy” before the start, they almost cease to communicate with each other and with loved ones. Go to, closed. This is necessary in order to concentrate, to focus on the fight. This rule has no exceptions. And in this regard the film as credible as possible.

Anna Ukolova, the actress playing the mother of Yelena Vyalbe:

– I remember very well that pink beanie, which played in the Championships Elena Vyalbe. My whole family is watching the biathlon and all of the Olympics, we always cheer for Russia. When I said I’ll play the mother of Elena Vyalbe, at first I gasped: what should be done? I was very pleased that Elena was everywhere with us, including during the filming in Magadan. By the way, Vyalbe is played by three different Actresses and mother – only me! I can say that this difficult way. Elena’s mom was very strict, she often abused daughter for her desire to ski, she hated them and didn’t want to have to deal with them. The stories of Elena Valeryevna, mother told her: the better the piano, the accordion – more money. And skiing, they say, you never make! I am proud to play her mother.