Three fit ago may 10, died sociologist of culture, a quarter of a century headed the magazine “cinema Art” Daniel Dondurei. He did not live nine days before his 70th birthday. From a serious illness is not saved neither Russian nor Israeli doctors.

Daniil Borisovich many times to give interviews and comments to “MK”. He always spoke the truth, but never insulted, because he was intelligent and intellectual man. Operated on facts and figures. Cinema, culture in General, art that is dying out as a class, were the subjects of his worries and pain. He grieved that the rapidly shrinking circle of people in need of serious cinema and books.

For the time that he’s gone, his daughter Tamara Dondurei became a Director, made a film about a father and working on a game picture.

the Wife of Daniel Miller, film critic Zara Abdullaeva – invented, or even orchestrated, and published a book about him – “Daniel Dondurei. To meet”. The task the authors have set this: to write is not complimentary, but a discussion text. In the end, the book includes quotes and articles of the Dondurei, which can be combined as thoughts about the culture in a moment of danger, as well as the texts of his colleagues. Culture is always in danger and today, when she froze in anticipation of the unknown, after the pandemic, so lacking in its assessment of what is happening. For DD, as it is often called, culture was a way of survival. He noticed that and we are thinking about cultural policy, remember Rokotov and Tchaikovsky, and all Bulgakov concludes that culture is perceived in a narrow sense, meaning the creation of works in the sphere of leisure. But for him it was obvious that the tragedy in the Perm club “Lame horse” at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, in the village of Kushchevskaya on the Manezh square in Moscow – cultural backgrounds. “A couple of months before what happened at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, the instruments recorded, which is two fold increase in vibration, but two hours before the crash she was five times above the permissible value. No one dared to tell the administration and to disable the units. In accordance with the cultural prescriptions of the people thought that “blow over” and died. Worked behavioral prohibitions,” he wrote. As rightly noted film Director Vitaly Mansky in his novel about DD, in the logic of the culture he has entered the war, death, love, betrayal, climate change. “For us, the more important question being, where to Park the car when you arrived at work, the question is, why did you come to work. Why do you have a car? Why do you live in? Why did you even Wake up in the morning? We don’t allow ourselves to ask these questions. We don’t want to complicate my life…. Dan woke us up, even Wake up, he tried to raise us up by the collar, so we took a look from above.”

Beautiful and laconic��yy the text “Jacket Dondurei” written by Oleg Zincover that Zara Abdullayeva gave a whole new jacket of Daniel the Miller, and now we can conduct a mental dialogue. Jacket listening as best he could to do his master. He’s just like Gogol’s the overcoat for growth from which many people came.

As rightly pointed out by Kirill Serebrennikov, the Dondurei at the meeting instead of a hand held out the latest issue of the magazine “cinema Art”. He also invented the term “smilovice” as the antithesis of the word “siloviki”, and he was the outstanding “Smyslovye”. And Cyril said very accurately about how it was important for DD to formulated meanings embodied is his “wound up”, motivated by its Golden head. Exactly, gold. One could only marvel at the accuracy and ease his thoughts. The book includes their common article “In search of the difficult person”, where pieces of silver and Dondurei just argue about the perception of culture as a zone of bliss, rest and recuperation.

the Dialogues of Dondurei with colleagues on television, search technology of the enemy, the cultural policy of the state not lost its relevance. Although he was then considered utopian, because they believed that the world can be changed by example, tried to humanize the power that many people do not like and even despise. But Dondurei it seemed that with every power necessary to communicate and succeed. He coined the concept of “cultural code,” and wrote that three years later the “cash” (frequency) phrase will be “the route is built,” said the metallic voice of an electronic machine.

the Actress Tatyana Drubich, which Daniel Miller for many years every morning talking on the phone, discussing current events, was the only adviser on the most important life issues, not allowed to give up, forced to believe in yourself. And so for thirty years. This Tatyana has written a very personal text to have finished the book. She remembered about the father of Daniel the Miller, who was imprisoned for libel, because of told a joke, five years. And if not for the death of Stalin, would have as much again to do the time. “I never was and never will be ashamed of Danya” she wrote. The last days of his life, which, according to Drubich (and it is not only an actress, but a doctor), sometimes talking about the person more than his whole life. So Daniil Borisovich did not burden not transformed the lives of loved ones in hell, as sometimes happens.

Reading a book, looking at photos of his loved ones, wife and daughter, colleagues, Director Alexander Rastorguev, the death of which CAR Dondurey has not learned, and done in the hospital in tel Aviv, where he ended his life, remember the person next to you, each of us chuvstvo��l himself almost happy.